Located at the foot of The Matterhorn, Switzerland’s famous Toblerone-mountain, near the town of Zermatt, Iglu-Dorf invites travelers to experience a dazzling world of ice and snow. 

Surrounded by breathtaking sugar-coated mountains and the best view of The Matterhorn in all of Switzerland, visitors staying in the Iglu-Dorf can enjoy a one-of-a-kind resort experience at 2,727 meters above sea level. From the car-free town of Zermatt, the only form of transport that can get you to the railway of the highest Igloo village are horse-drawn carriages and electro mobiles. The Igloo Village is situated at the heart of the Zermatt ski resort.

When To Visit Igloo Village? 

The Igloo Village will open again in December 2020. It was temporarily closed in 2019 because of approval problems with the “Skyline Snow Experience” of the mountain railways. 

The Story of The Igloo Village

The Igloo Village of Zermatt is one of the most unique resorts near Switzerland’s famous mountain, The Matterhorn. The igloo village is a concept originally thought by snowboarder Adrian Günter who created the first igloo in the mountain so he can shoot and witness the sunrise and snowboard on untouched snow. Soon, his friends followed and built igloos for themselves. Later on, skiing tourists saw the igloos and began asking for permission to sleep in them. Seeing that many people liked it, Adrian built more for skiers and tourists. 

The first igloo village for tourists was built in 1996. Because of the difficulties in creating more igloos, the resort could accommodate only 15 guests during its first opening. A few years later, the demand for the attraction grew which made the owners rethink and revolutionize igloo construction. They tested a building method based on balloons which allowed for faster construction of igloo homes. Using a huge inflatable balloon, they create the foundation of the igloo by covering it with snow. Once, the snow has settled, the balloons are deflated and the solid structure that’s left is used to create the hotel. 

Each year the igloos are reconstructed and Adrian invites various artists to create sculptures inside the igloos. The artists carve sculptures in different themes such as Norse mythology, sea creatures, and ancient gods. In 2003, the Igloo village had its first sauna built and the guest increased by winter season to more than 1000. In 2016, the Igloo Village celebrated its 20th anniversary. Today, the Iglu-Dorf is renowned worldwide as one of the most iconic ski-resorts in Europe. It also has four locations in Switzerland and franchises in Germany and Andorra. 

What To Expect? 

Amazing Ice Sculptures and Unique Igloos 

The igloo village is everything you’d expect from a magical ice world. Inside you’ll find detailed snow and ice art that adds to the surreal ambiance of the igloo hotel. The legendary collection of mythological ice sculptures created by artists makes for an eye-popping treat inside the bar walls and rooms.  

World’s Largest Snow Igloo

Currently known as the world’s largest snow igloo, Iglu-Dorf has an interior diameter of 42 feet and a height of 34 feet. It igloos for overnight guests, bars, fondue lounge, whirlpool baths, and hot tubs overlooking the Alps. The igloos are linked through tunnels that resemble underground caves which lead to a small indoor bar, dining area, and dance floor. The bar is a place for socializing and hanging out with fellow travelers. This bar is also open during the day. It’s very cold inside the igloo so make sure that you’re dressed appropriately. 

Private and Romantic Igloo Accommodations

Sleep like an Eskimo in Iglu Dorf’s ice rooms. This groundbreaking hotel concept is the best of its kind and truly a special experience. You can go here for your honeymoon or just for a vacation with friends. The rooms include beds made of ice with fur rugs and sleeping bags on top. You can lay awake at night and just watch the majestic carvings that adorn your space. These private igloos are perfect for couples and feature private Jacuzzi. It also has low LED lighting that glows by nigh and adds to the airy feel of the room. 

Despite the room being extremely cold, cozy night sleep is guaranteed thanks to the high-quality sleeping bags. The experience of sleeping in a room built of ice is a memorable experience for couples and solo travelers. It’s something that you’ll love talking about with your friends and family in the future.

Delicious Food Combined With Magical Dining Experience

Guests are welcomed with warm wine, cheese platter, and buttery popcorn. There’s also a bar carved out of ice with ice seats and fur rugs. Here you can enjoy amazing Swiss cheese fondue (luxurious melted cheese) and igloo mulled wines as well as different culinary specialties along the Zermatt ski resort.