Zermatt weather

Although Zermatt Switzerland is no doubt characterized by an Alpine climate, the weather is actually quite mild for the town being one of the most popular ski destinations in the world, even during the winter months. To be sure, it can get significantly cold, particularly at night, but the days are filled with a considerable amount of sunshine so there is still a certain level of warmth. Zermatt also has three other seasons as well, and each of those seasons is also considerably mild for Zermatt being where it is. And there is very little risk of ever being faced with very extreme weather, either on the colder side or on the warmer side. This is one of the things that make it such a great place to ski, but it also one of the reasons that it is also such a great place to visit during the other seasons as well.

The chances are pretty good that during the skiing off-season there will not be any scorching days, but there will be plenty days warm enough to take in some of the sights that do not have anything to do with skiing. Zermatt boasts a number of spectacular lakes, at which families, friends, and couples can while away the warmer days grilling, swimming, and simply enjoying nature and the views. And Zermatt is characterized by beautiful valleys, fields, and Alpine gardens that visitors can take the time to enjoy on warmer days as well, either with a picnic or a leisurely walk around the town. Any season really is a good season to visit Zermatt Switzerland. In order to plan right, though, and in order to make the absolute most of your exciting Zermatt vacation, it will help to know exactly what to expect during each of the seasons.

Zermatt in the Winter

Obviously during the winter months in Zermatt there is plenty of snow, but it is important to point out that the majority of that snow exists well within the mountains that surround the town that call the Swiss Alps home. The mountains are also where it is much colder as well, although temperatures can drop pretty low right in the town of Zermatt too. The winter in Zermatt begins in November and lasts till about March, with both November and March being characterized by a little bit warmer temperatures. Other than that the temperatures during the winter tend to range from approximately the mid-teens to the mid-thirties. And you may also be surprised to find out that, despite the fact that there is a lot of snow during the winter, this is not the season with the most precipitation. But skiers have no reason to worry because there will be plenty of snow for skiing.

Zermatt in the Spring

Spring is an amazing time to be in Zermatt for sure, as you will find beautiful flowers and other flora throughout the town itself and throughout the mountains. In fact, there are a number of Alpine gardens to visit during the spring months, and a sight to see they are for sure. The beginning of the spring season still tends to be a little cold, though, so those looking to enjoy the typical springtime scenery may want to visit a bit later in the season. Early in spring visitors may still experience temperatures as low as the twenties, but towards the end of the season you can see temperatures reach as high as 60 degrees. This is pretty warm considering the temperatures in Zermatt really rarely ever reach much higher than the low 70’s. Spring may not be a great time to ski in Zermatt, although this is still possible too, but it is a great time to take in nature in bloom.

Zermatt in the Summer

Summers in Zermatt, although there is very little skiing to be done, are a very special time of the year. There are few places in the world quite as beautiful as Zermatt during the summer, and even fewer places with such mild temperatures. This is when all of the plant life and trees in the town really come alive, and with the backdrop of the Swiss Alps it is a sight that is surely one of a kind. For those that love a different kind of nature than the kind you expect to find in a popular ski resort town, this is the time to visit Zermatt, and you do still have the option to ski high up in the mountains as well. Temperatures during these months tend to hover in the 60s, with days rarely reaching as high as 70, but it is important to remember that this is when the most precipitation comes as well. The mild temperatures, though, make summer time ideal for exploring the untouched nature that characterizes the areas around the town.

Zermatt in the Fall

Being that Zermatt is filled with trees, with a backdrop of the mountains that make up a good portion of the Swiss Alps, it is no surprise that fall is a beautiful time in Zermatt as well. The breathtaking scenery is reason enough to visit alone, and since there is so much else to enjoy in the town that there is no reason not to visit during this time. And of course the temperatures are mild for fall by anyone’s standards as well, usually hovering in the 60s, just like Zermatt springs. And even if the spectacular fall colors are what bring you there, you may have the opportunity to ski as well.

There is so much to be enjoyed in Zermatt, but so many would-be visitors think of it simply as a ski town. But if you visit during some of the other months throughout the year you will learn things about Zermatt that you never even knew. And the mild Zermatt weather temperatures will make your visit enjoyable, regardless of what time of year you visit there.