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Zermatt ski lifts

Zermatt Switzerland has plenty to do in the small town for those that visit and live there, but it is no secret that many of the people who visit are mostly interested in one particular activity, and everything else is just icing on the cake. The skiing in Zermatt, thanks much in part to the mighty presence of the magnificent Matterhorn, is a one-of-a-kind experience that any experienced skier can certainly appreciate. And while anybody who visits Zermatt specifically for the skiing will be happy to find that the town can accommodate them in many other ways as well, they will be especially pleased to know that the skiing amenities that they get to enjoy are of nothing less than five-star quality.

When it comes to taking a ski vacation anywhere there are certain things that every skier expects the town to provide for them, and Zermatt is a town that does exactly that. Ski enthusiasts can find all the gear they need right in the town, either to rent or to buy, they can shop for top-of-the-line outerwear designed specifically for skiing, it is easy to get around in the town, there are plenty of restaurants at which skiers can refuel at the beginning and at the end of the day, there are numerous Zermatt hotels to choose from, and most importantly, there are plenty of ski lifts to accommodate the number of visitors that the town brings in every year. And every experienced skier knows that a town without enough ski lifts to accommodate the large crowds that visit there every winter will not make it on many peoples’ list of favorite ski destinations. This is one of the reasons that Zermatt is one of so many peoples’ favorites.

In Zermatt there are numerous different areas to ski, some designed for very experienced skiers, others designed to accommodate beginners, and there are ski lifts that will take you to whichever of these locations you wish to go to. There is over 150 miles of trails, so if you really want to make a day of it you can get on and off the various ski lifts in order to explore multiple locations. To be sure, you will want to get as close to the Matterhorn as possible at some point along your journeys, but there are other great areas to ski as well, you simply have to determine where they are. In order to do this it will help to pre-plan a little in order to know what you are looking for once you hit the slopes, and a list of the most popular ski lifts, in the most popular Zermatt Swiss Alps areas, will help you.

Ski Lifts in the Sunnegga – Rothorn Area 

It is no secret that the main mountain peak that skiers really come to see is the Matterhorn, but all of the ski areas in the magnificent Swiss Alps that are the backdrop of Zermatt offer great views and great skiing. The Sunnegga – Rothhorn area is one of those areas. It lies the furthest west from the Matterhorn and features the lowest runs on the mountain, but it is still a beautiful area to ski, and the following ski lifts will take you there:

  • Sunnegga – Blauherd
  • Zermatt – Sunnegga
  • Findelbahn
  • Blauherd – Rothorn
  • Gant – Blauherd
  • Patrullarve

Ski Lifts in the Gornergrat Area

The Gornergrat area of the Swiss Alps lies left of the Matterhorn area. Being so close to the Matterhorn, this is also one of the highest ski areas in the mountain, so there are a number of great runs to ski. In addition, you get a great view of the Matterhorn from here as well, and there are numerous ski lifts that will take you here, the following included:

  • Riffelalp – Riffelberg
  • Zermatt – Reiffelalp
  • Rotenboden – Gornergrat
  • Riffelberg – Rotenboden
  • Riffelberg – Gifthittli
  • Furi – Riffelberg
  • Gant – Hohtalli

Ski Lifts and Pistes in the Matterhorn Area

The Matterhorn is the number one skiing attraction in Zermatt, there is certainly no doubt about that, so everybody wants to know where it is at and how to get there. The Matterhorn sits on the eastern side of the Swiss Alps that serve as Zermatt’s background, and it towers well above the rest of the mountains. For this reason, everybody wants to ski this area at least once during their stay in Zermatt. And the following lifts will take you to this area:

  • Furi – Trockener Steg
  • Zermatt – Furi
  • Furi – Riffelberg
  • Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
  • Furgg – Schwarzsee
  • Furi – Schwarzsee
  • Furggsattel Gletscherbahn
  • Furgg – Trockener Steg
  • Gandegg
  • Furgg – Sandiger Boden
  • Cervinia
  • Testa 1

As you can see, there are more lifts that go to the Matterhorn area than anywhere. But regardless of where you want to go on the mountain to ski, or when you want to go there, you can find a ski lift to take you there. This is strictly a list of lifts, while the pistes are defined by different names, and there are many of them. In order to fully plan your days out on the slopes it will help to also have a list of the many pistes in each individual ski area as well, as this will help you to pinpoint exactly where you want to ski. The magnificent Swiss Alps that rise up above Zermatt Switzerland are no doubt one of the many ski areas that winter sport enthusiasts long to visit, but it is a large ski area and can be a bit overwhelming upon first sight. Planning ahead will help you take it all in when you get there, so that you can spend all of your time there enjoying some of the best skiing in the world.