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There are plenty of fantastic places to ski in Switzerland, there is no doubt about that, but skiing in Zermatt offers a special element that you can get in very few places in the world. To be sure, you can ski the Swiss Alps in other places in Switzerland, but in Zermatt you get the luxury of skiing the majestic Matterhorn. Zermatt Matterhorn skiing is like skiing nowhere else, because the Matterhorn is like no other mountain peak in the world. An amazing sight to see for sure, and an amazing town to spend your ski vacation in. This is a town where history and modernity meet to make for the perfect scenery. It is even more exciting to know that when you ski the Zermatt Matterhorn you will have a vibrant Swiss village to stay in where you can enjoy Swiss culture and Swiss cuisine. You will find that you enjoy the town as much as you enjoy skiing the Swiss Alps during your Zermatt ski vacation. And there are plenty of wonderful Zermatt hotels to choose from that will make your Zermatt ski vacation even more enjoyable. Many of the hotels are right in the small village area of Zermatt, and all of them have that wonderful Swiss charm. Not to mention that no matter where you stay you will have amazing views of the Matterhorn. The view alone makes the trip worth taking, and as a bonus the town actually has much to offer for such a small town. When you are in Zermatt you will have the opportunity to tour a fantastic example of Swiss architecture if you visit the Chateau de Chillon, a castle with a long history. You will also get a chance to tour some beautiful vineyards, and of course try some delicious wines. And a trip to Switzerland could never be complete without finding somewhere to stop off and try some chocolate and cheese, as these are two things that Switzerland is known for. There are restaurants and shops throughout the town that sell and serve both of these delicious treats, and trying them in one of the many myriad ways that they are prepared will be an experience in and of itself. You may travel to Zermatt mainly for the skiing but the Zermatt hotels and the rest of the town also make the trip worth taking.