Once a quaint and quiet town nestled at the foot of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is now a popular international vacation destination. Known for its luxurious ski resorts and bewitching views of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is easily one of the prettiest towns in all of Switzerland. 

Many people go here to ski or just to take a closer look at the famous Toblerone mountain. But have you ever thought about how great it would be to live in this tourist town? Learn more about the lifestyle, people, and places around Zermatt. 

The Town Center

Zermatt’s town center is filled with historic homes that make you feel like you’re from another era. Here you’ll see beautiful wooden chalets with pretty flowers adorning the windows. 

Another amazing thing about Zermatt is its lively shopping scene. For a small town, Zermatt has plenty of shops. It has almost everything you can think of. Bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and perhaps way too many ski stores. You’ll also find a lot of Zermatt hotels, boutiques selling art, souvenirs, and jewelry. For essentials and food, there’s a huge supermarket and drugstore. 

Their most famous shopping district is called the Bahnhofstrasse. Here you’ll find some of the best chocolates and sports-clothing shops. Often flocked by tourists, this shopping street is always busy and bustling every day. 

The Weather 

Winter is cold in Zermatt so be sure you’ve brought all your winter clothing upon visiting here. The temperature often drops below freezing point especially during the months of December to February. The mountains are also colder and windier. Tourists and climbers are advised to bundle up whenever they attempt a hike to Toblerone mountain. 

Spring, which goes from March to May is a bit bearable. There will still be snow and ice on the trails to the mountain but not as thick and icy. Summer is the best time to be in Zermatt with temperatures that are comfortably cool and just reaching up to 20 degrees. 


Zermatt is generally a walkable town. You can access everything on foot. However, if you don’t want to walk everywhere, you still have the option to ride a bike, electric buses, or taxis. If you want to immerse yourself in the rustic scene, you can also ride horse-and-carriage. 

If you’re the type of person who is terribly conscious about carbon footprint, you’ll also find Zermatt a dream place to live.

Zermatt is 100% car-free! Although there are plenty of electric vehicles, the town generally smells fresh without car smoke and pollution.  There’s no smog affecting the stunning views of the Matterhorn, and the shops are all so close together you don’t need to go far. Getting to Zermatt is also easy. It’s simply an hour train ride from almost any major Switzerland city. If you’re staying for a few days, you’ll also find Zermatt hotels in various price ranges. 

Friendly Locals and Rustic Villages

For an isolated rustic town, Zermatt is pretty lively. People in Zermatt are polite, generous, and welcoming. The town has everything you need to live a perfectly happy simple life. The old villages beside the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof have about 30 ancient buildings. They also have barns and grain stores which are almost 500 years old. Go deeper into town and you’ll see beautiful homes with wooden chalets and flowers adorning the windows. Living in Zermatt is like living in a fairytale village. Every location is just so Instagram-worthy.

Views of the Matterhorn

Zermatt is located at 1600m in the Swiss Alps, below the famous Matterhorn. Matterhorn is a sugar-coated mountain that inspired the shape of Toblerone chocolate.  It might not be Switzerland’s highest mountain, but it certainly is the most beautiful of all. Many tourists come here every single year just to see the beautiful peak. Imagine waking up and seeing the beautiful Swiss mountain on your window every single day. The perfect view is a great way to start your day. 

All-Year Long Ski Field 

Zermatt is one of the few places in the world where the ski field is open all year—even in summer.  It also has the best and most luxurious ski resorts that are suitable for all skiers on all levels. Here you’ll find some of the best skiers in the world visiting the beautiful peak. It’s a tourist town so you’ll find that most Zermatt hotels are packed with skiers from all over the world.  

The Church and The River

Another highlight of living in Zermatt is its gorgeous church and river. The church is beside the river Mattervispa, a bluish-grey colored river that flows over a rocky bed. Between the church and the river is the graveyard for climbers who died in the mountains surrounding Zermatt. Many people go here to pay their respects before attempting to climb the steeps slopes of the Alps. Others go here to enjoy the river and amazing views of the Matterhorn. 

Conclusion: Should You Live in Zermatt? 

For people who love to ski and unwind every day, without minding the high-standard expensive cost of living here, then Zermatt is the place for you. In Zermatt, you’ll experience what it feels like to have a vacation every day. Here you’ll get to stay in the most luxurious ski resorts other people would only dream of going to. You’ll also get to live in the town near the famous Toblerone mountain.