Zermatt Winter: Ski Information for All Skill Levels

The Matterhorn is one of Switzerland’s most famous landmarks, and it is also known for being the country’s top ski resort. Skiing in this area is extremely popular due to the amazing scenery, as the Matterhorn is surrounded by nearly 30 mountain peaks over 13,100 feet tall. Cable cars are also popular here in order to transport skiers within the harsh mountain environment. Information about skiing in Zermatt is discussed below.

Ski Information for Various Skill and Experience Levels

Zermatt has ample space to provide ski experiences for all skill levels. Beginner skiers can find broad areas that are ideal for learning how to ski, but beginner trails rarely link the mountain ranges, making it a challenge for beginners to get to and from beginner trails. Therefore, the experience levels of these novice skiers will be tested quickly, and they will likely improve their skills quite rapidly.

Zermatt may be best suited for intermediate and advanced skiers. Intermediate skiers will enjoy the fact that the runs found in Zermatt are both varied and long. These skiers looking for challenges and practice time will put many miles of different terrain under their skis, and they will pass through forest motorways and open fields of snow. Advanced skiers may enjoy the bumps, chutes, and gullies in order to experience added challenges throughout their runs.

Popular Ski Runs

The longest ski run in Zermatt is from the Klein Matterhorn into the town. To get to the top of the run, skiers need to take the 12,500 foot Klein Matterhorn lift, which is the highest cable car in the world. The run itself is nearly eight miles long and consists of a variety of terrain. It is typically open from late November through mid April, and skiers are able to get panoramic views of Switzerland, France, and Italy while skiing this run.

Skiing Across the Border

Zermatt is one of the few locations that allow skiers to travel over international borders during their runs. Skiers will travel through Switzerland into the Italian slopes of Cervinia. A ski run through Cervinia is highlighted by outstanding snow conditions, and this run is seven miles long.

Snowboarding Information

There are also opportunities for the snowboarding enthusiasts in your group, and Zermatt offers open terrain for boarders. There are also two snowboard parks located in Zermatt along with two half pipes. Snowboarders are also welcome on all lifts and most of the runs.


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    I’m glad to know that there are also opportunities for snowboarders in Zermatt, as it is typically though of as a ski destination. This makes it easier to travel with friends on winter vacations that prefer snowboarding to skiing.

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