Okay, you already know Zermatt Switzerland is the go-to place for great snow skiing. With The Matterhorn and the other great slopes in the area, that’s not an argument right? But what if you aren’t a skier – what is there to do besides sitting in your hotel lobby, enjoying the great fire and delicious food and wine (not that is a bad way to vacation!). 

Don’t worry, we have 8 things to share with you to do in Zermatt. Matterhorn is the focus for this area, even if you aren’t a skier, and even for skiers, these are things you’ll enjoy too. 

1. Ice Skating – for a family vacation the outdoor ice-skating rink is a must-do! It is located in the center of Zermatt; Matterhorn in the background makes it a beautiful place to enjoy. A local shop will rent you skates, and you can skate from 10am till 7pm for free. 

2. Curling

The same skating rink is used for curling and ice hockey, both practice there during the week, open to the public to watch. After watching the curling practice, if it looks like something you want to try, contact the Zermatt Curling Club. 

3. Swimming

Simply because there is snow on the ground in Zermatt, Matterhorn is covered in snow, doesn’t mean everything has to be about skiing and other snow-filled activities. Chalet Banja guests have a 10-meter pool to use. For guests at other Zermatt hotels are welcome to take a swim here too or any of the other pools around Zermatt. 

4. Spa Relaxation

Most of Zermatt’s accommodation have spa facilities on the property or access to a neighboring hotel. When you come to ski in Zermatt Matterhorn and other slopes all day, there is nothing more relaxing than relaxing and unwinding in a hot tub or sauna. Body massage treatments are available upon request. 

5. Snowshoeing or Winter Hiking

Zermatt is surrounded by lots of mountains, therefore, full of skiers. If skiing isn’t your thing, or you want to do something different, rent some snowshoes and take a hike in these beautiful mountains.  Most of the trails start on town but some start up higher in the mountains. 

6. Zermatt Matterhorn Museum

For the history buff, The Matterhorn Museum will fill your desires. Learn from how Zermatt went from a farming village to the most desired ski destination. You’ll learn about how the early mountaineers survived the daily challenges they faced and what it was about Zermatt that made them want to stay.

7. Lunch In The Mountains 

The beauty of the mountains around Zermatt make the perfect setting to lunch with more than 30 dining establishments, deciding where will be your challenge.

8. Sight See By Helicopter

If you think Zermatt is beautiful from the ground, you need to see it from the air! And the best way to do that is by a helicopter tour. The intimidating cliffs and the mighty Matterhorn are breathtaking from the air.

There Is Always Your Hotel Lobby

If you don’t ski, if you do ski, if you choose to shop or sight see all day, or you may simply spend the day in your hotel room or lobby and relax, rest, and enjoy the view!