Zermatt World Class Cuisine

Zermatt Switzerland is known as one of the best Swiss Alps ski resorts in Europe; however, it is also known for its excellent cuisine. There are as many gourmet restaurants in Zermatt as there are mountain peaks surrounding the village. You will never have to worry about finding fine food in Zermatt – – your biggest problem will be deciding whether or not to enjoy the great restaurant in your Zermatt hotel, a mountain restaurant with a view or one of the many international restaurants located in and around Zermatt. You may find that your Swiss Alps ski vacation turns into a culinary exploration of fine Swiss dining.

After a long day of Matterhorn skiing, you will likely want to sit down to enjoy a fine meal. There are many options to choose from for Zermatt dining. Most restaurants in Zermatt are located near the hotels in Zermatt since there are no vehicles allowed in the village restaurants are usually located near the town center within easy walking distance of accommodations and Zermatt attractions. The first order of business will be to decide what type of food you want to enjoy for the evening. Because Switzerland cuisine is influenced by its neighbors (Germany, France and Italy), you will be able to find a variety of international cuisines within walking distance from your Zermatt lodging.

In addition to being influenced by its neighbors, Zermatt cuisine is influenced by the diverse cultures of the visitors who are visiting this Swiss Alps ski resort. Restaurants have adopted a diverse menu to accommodate the different palates of Zermatt vacation travelers. The means that in addition to authentic Swiss cuisine you are likely to find restaurants that serve dishes inspired by American, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean cuisines.

There are three items that you must try when you are visiting Switzerland.

  • Swiss cheeses – You must try the local varieties of cheeses because they are made with fresh, local ingredients that make them simply are delicious. Try a fondue with your meal or as your meal one evening. Make sure that you try a variety of local flavors while you are in Zermatt to take advantage of being in a country that specializes in cheese production.
  • Swiss chocolate – Of course, while you are in Switzerland you must try authentic Swiss chocolates. Swiss chocolatiers are the best in the world at creating fine chocolates. Sample truffles, cakes, mousses, pralines and other delicious treats from local chocolatiers. You can even take a ride on the Swiss Chocolate Train to tour a cheese dairy, a castle and the Cailler-Nestlé factory in Broc. Some spas in Switzerland have chocolate treatments for face and body so that you can bathe yourself, literally, in luscious chocolate.
  • Swiss wines – Sample some of the world’s finest wines made from grapes grown in the beautiful vineyards on the side of majestic mountains. Grown and produced locally, Switzerland wines meet the highest international standards for fine, gourmet wines. There are several wine regions in Switzerland. Visit a wine shop or ask to speak with the sommelier when dining at a fine restaurant for information about local wineries and brands.

If you do not want to eat at a restaurant for every meal during your Zermatt vacation, you may want to consider renting a Swiss Alps chalet or an apartment. By choosing one of these Zermatt accommodation options, you can have a full kitchen to cook and serve meals to your family and reserve eating out for special evenings or occasions during your Swiss Alps vacation.