Festivals of Zermatt

Zermatt is home to a variety of festivals that celebrate Swiss culture. These festivals are a great way for visitors to better understand the history of the area and for Zermatt residents to celebrate their heritage. Some of the most popular Zermatt festivals are discussed below.

Swiss Food Festival

Zermatt’s Swiss Food Festival takes place during the beginning of August, and it typically lasts for three days. This year’s festival will begin on Friday, August 10, 2012 and end on Sunday, August 12, 2012. The top chefs from 18 of Zermatt’s restaurants cook a variety of regional specialties that can be tasted and purchased in the chalets of the Bahnhofstrasse.

On Sunday morning of the festival, a cable-car breakfast is featured. During this portion of the event, four people can sit in an aerial cable car of the Matterhorn Express. There they will enjoy a fresh breakfast of local products, including muesli, dried meat, cheese, and rye bread. This is a great way to experience the cuisine of Switzerland while watching the sun rise over the mountains.

Folklore Festival

The Swiss Folklore Festival also occurs in August, and the highlight of this festival is the main parade through town that features 50 different folklore groups with over 1200 musicians, yodelers, and dancers. The folklore groups also perform at the fairgrounds and Church Square after the parade. Children activities are available as well as food and drinks for the entire family. Visitors will enjoy dancing along to the traditional Swiss music, making for an unforgettable Zermatt experience.

Zermatt Festival

The Zermatt Festival occurs in September and has been happening annually since 2005. During this festival, musical ensembles and soloists come to Zermatt to perform classical music concerts. The heart of the program is made up of the Chamber Music Academy, which consists of 32 students that perform and rehearse in different combinations from small groups to a chamber orchestra. The Berlin Philharmonic’s Scharoun Ensemble Berlin will also be present to perform, and famous musicians from around the area will also be present.

Other Events

In addition to Zermatt’s festivals, the area is also home to a variety of top events. These include the Horu Trophy Zermatt, which is an air curling tournament, and the Mountain Marathon Zermatt-Rothorn ski tour race. The Matterhorn Eagle Cup is a golf tournament that occurs in July, and the Raiffeisen Open is a tennis tournament that occur in the summer during the months of June or July.

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