Ski Season in the Swiss Alps

Ski season in the Swiss Alps regularly draws tens of thousands of tourists, all of whom come for the unrivaled scenery, superb alpine winter sports, and some of the best ski resorts in the world. Although there are many excellent ski slopes and resort areas in the Swiss Alps, the famous Matterhorn is one of most popular and the small town of Zermatt becomes a lively resort town buzzing with action and après ski fun. So if you like the idea of ski season in the Swiss Alps, what Zermatt hotels are likely to be on offer?

There are Zermatt hotels available to suit all budgets, from the smallest, cheapest places for those who come for the skiing and are not particularly bothered about luxurious bedrooms and en suite bathrooms, to the higher end of the market catering for skiers and tourists with a great deal more cash to spend.

Before booking a winter sports vacation, it is a sensible idea to shop around for the best prices. Depending on the state of the snow in any given resort, prices and availability of ski breaks will vary considerably, so spend time examining price comparison websites to see what kind of offers are available for the week or month you wish to escape to the Swiss Alps. The most popular hotels in the most sought after resorts in the Swiss Alps, including Zermatt hotels, will probably be booked up well in advance, but if you are not too fussy about your exact date of travel, you should be able to find a bargain or two.

If you come for a first visit to Zermatt and the Matterhorn, be prepared to fall in love with the spectacular scenery and stunning winter sports. Most people who visit the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps are taken aback by the sheer beauty of the area. Picture postcard alpine villages such as Grindenwald and Wengen always draw the tourists, many of whom return year in and year out.

Of course if you come and are smitten with the place, you are in the ideal position to plan a return vacation for the following year—choose from more than one hundred Zermatt hotels, chalets, youth hostels and lodgings, and make a reservation to ensure a room with a great view of the iconic Matterhorn mountain with its peculiar pyramid outline. Skiing in the Swiss Alps doesn’t come any better than this.


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