Train and Cable Car Travel in Zermatt: What You Should Know

Train and cable car travel is a great way to both get to Zermatt and the Matterhorn and to experience all the beauty that the area has to offer while staying in the area. Information about train and cable car adventures that can be experienced in Zermatt is discussed below.

The Glacier Express Zermatt

The Glacier Express has been called the most scenic train journey in Switzerland, if not the entire continent of Europe. Service goes between Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn and St. Moritz. It is one of the slowest express trains in the area, and it takes over 7.5 hours to travel 180 miles. However, the ride provides spectacular views of Swiss Mountain scenery which can be viewed through the panoramic sightseeing windows. Riders can also enjoy lunch and Swiss white wine as they take in the view.

Riffelberg Express

The Riffelberg Express was created in December 2006 and serves as a direct link between the Matterhorn and Gornergrat skiing areas. It is made up of an eight seat cable car that connects Riffelberg and Furi through the intermediate station Schweigmatten. To Riffeleberg, visitors have the choice to take a six chair lift or the Gornergrat train.

Matterhorn Gotthard Railway

This railway is most commonly used for travelers arriving to or leaving Zermatt. It has direct connections in Visp and Brig and arrives in Zermatt after only an hour and a half of travel through the rugged and picturesque Nicolaital Valley. The journey to Zermatt by train can also be shortened significantly by the use of the new Lotschberg base tunnel, and journey times from major areas include:

  • 3 hours 12 minutes from Zurich
  • 3 hours 13 minutes from Basel
  • 2 hours 7 minutes from Bern

Train travelers will be able to experience a stunning view through the Swiss Alps, featuring mountain peaks, gorges, and meadows while in route to the small ski village of Zermatt. Information on the timetable and prices for this particular railway, along with tips for luggage transport, can be obtained by visiting the website.

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  1. PaulsSE says:

    Great post! If anyone has anyone been to Zermatt, you will understand that the cable car travel is one of the most unique experiences. Not only is it convenient, as it gets you to your destination up the mountain quickly, but I don’t think you’ll experience better views of the area by any other mode of travel.

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