Zermatt Switzerland: Charming the World with Snow

Zermatt is a popular mountain resort town located south of Switzerland. It’s most popular landmark is the Matterhorn, the last mountain in the Swiss Alps that has been conquered. Zermatt became popular in the 1865 when a group of explorers led by Edward Whymper successfully reached the Matterhorn’s peak. After that momentous event, people both local and foreign tourists began to flock the little village, and soon after Zermatt became a favorite destination of those who wants not only to experience living and vacationing in the Swiss Alps but also to engage in heart pumping Zermatt Ski and snow activities.

Zermatt’s weather and high altitude made this little village popular for ski and snow sports enthusiasts. Zermatt weather has the longest winter ski season that could last for 7 months. You could enjoy lots of Zermatt skiing in the months of November up to May. There is never a dull moment in Zermatt for you could still find a couple of Zermatt ski lanes open even in the summer months.

Popular Zermatt ski areas are Klein Matterhorn Sunnega, Gornergrat and Schwarzsee. Klein Matterhorn is the most popular Zermatt ski destination for it is the largest and highest ski region in all of Europe. Zermatt skiing areas boasts of 63 mountain trails where a newbie skier can still find a good easy slop to run and ski in, the same way that an expert in skiing can find highly challenging slopes to conquer.

The nearest airports in Zermatt are in Zurich and Geneva. Both are almost 150 miles away from Zermatt, and travel time by train from both airports is around 3 hours. But if you want to have a glimpse of the country side and tunnels, it is best to ride Switzerland’s signature train, The Glacier Express. The route of the Glacier Express from St. Moritz to Zermatt will take you on a journey past beautiful scenery, 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. Riding it is a must do attraction when you are on Swiss Alps vacation.

One of the most fascinating things about Zermatt is that it is almost car free. The only cars to be found in the village are cabs ran by electricity, thus making Zermatt almost free from air pollution.

The population in Zermatt is only around 6000, but during peak seasons; this number could increase twice or even more because of local and foreign tourists. Zermatt hotels have an estimated 13000 hotel rooms to accommodate thousand of tourists. Hotels in Zermatt could range from world class hotels to local huts where you could experience the traditional Zermatt accommodation.

Aside from skiing along the Swiss Alps, hiking is also a favorite activity while in Zermatt. Tourists are encouraged to hike and visit Zermatt’s beautiful places and historical sites such as the Matterhorn Museum. The Matterhorn Museum houses lots of historic facts and artifacts about early mountaineers in the Swiss Alps region. The highlight of the Museum is the rope used in the Whymper expedition in 1865.

Other must see places in Zermatt are the Cogwheel train in Gornergrat, one of the oldest historical attractions in Zermatt, as well as the Hornli Hut. The Hornli hut sits right in the base of the Matterhorn and it serves as a base camp for mountain explorers in Matterhorn.

To know more about Switzerland’s pride, Zermatt, continue to check here in Zermatt Matterhorn for useful tips, fabulous hotels and wide range accommodations, awesome sites and vacation packages.


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