Backstage Boutique Hotel Zermatt Switzerland

If you want something different from your Zermatt vacation, then you should stay at the newly opened boutique hotel called Backstage Boutique Hotel.

The Backstage Boutique Hotel is the brainchild of Zermatt artist Heinz Julen and the facilities are being managed by his wife Evelyne. All handcrafted furniture inside the hotel was built in Heinz’s workshop.

The Backstage Boutique Hotel is a small hotel perfect for those who want to avoid the crowd. This Zermatt hotel has only a total of 19 rooms. 7 of the rooms are called standard rooms, 6 rooms are deluxe rooms with bath tubs and with a view of the Matterhorn while the remaining 6 rooms are called Unique Cube-Lofts that looks like a mini art gallery.

The Backstage Boutique Hotel is also the venue of the famous Zermatt Unplugged. Here you can meet various artists and watch them perform live at the hotel’s stage.

For art lovers, you can visit their art gallery. You can ask the staff for a private tour of the place or just walk around and see the attractions. Some of the works of art are for sale and you can even ask them for some of the works of Heinz’s himself.

The hotel also has a great selection of books in their library. You can spend your quite time in the z’Abund Bar while enjoying their specialty brewed coffee and a slice of their moist cakes.

Another unique feature of the Backstage Boutique Hotel is their cinema room. Here you can get the chance to watch your favorite movies while enjoying a wonderful dinner care of their service called the Cinema-Dinners.

What separates the Backstage Boutique Hotel among other Zermatt hotels is their wellness spa. Here you are treated with a holistic approach wherein all your senses are treated to a whole world of relaxation.

For sports fans, the hotel opens its open air tennis court during the summer. Winter brings in the chill in where you can go ice skating in a natural skating rink in front of the hotel.

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