Unique Hotel Post Zertmatt

The Unique Hotel Post is one of the best places to stay in the Swiss Alps village of Zermatt. This elegant Zermatt hotel is just a 5 minute walk away from the train station and is located in Bahnhofstrasse, the village’s main street, just in the center where most of the stores and restaurants are located. The hotel offers free transfer service to and from the train station with their very own electric taxi and a private porter.

The rooms of this Zermatt hotel are designed to look like a classic mountain lodge. The rooms are made from local wood and quarry stone walls that radiates a very comfortable mountain atmosphere. Many of the rooms have great view of the Matterhorn.  All rooms have top of the class LCD TV, and has internet connection via wi-fi.

For those who want to unwind and relax coming from their long travels or a busy day of Zermatt skiing, the Unique Post Hotel has as spa where you can go to pamper yourself. Their spa and wellness center has a Finnish sauna, steam bath, a Jacuzzi and a waterfall shower. They also have attendants that can do different kinds of relaxing massages such as the Hot Chocolate Massage and the Dancing Hands Massage.

Aside from great services and amenities, the Unique Post Hotel is also known for their restaurants. The Broken Tex Mex Grill serves authentic dishes from North America. They serve spicy Mexican dishes such as tacos, as well as other Mexican food such as fajitas and burritos.  The restaurant also offers great tasting steaks and barbeques. Refreshing cocktails and international wine are offered to compliment your delicious meal.

If you want to meet, greet and share stories about your adventure in Zermatt, then the Brown Cow Pub is the place you should be heading. This classic pub also serves snacks such as classic sandwiches and hotdogs and burgers. The restaurant also serves breakfast as well as a wide variety of great tasting coffee.

The Restaurant Portofino on the other hand is the hotel’s fine dining place. The restaurant offers up to 12 personal courses cooked by their award winning chefs. The restaurant also has a vast collection of superior wines to make your fine dining experience truly memorable.

To book your hotel accommodation at Unique Hotel Post in Zermatt, kindly go to Zermatt Matterhorn’s hotel booking page. Zermatt Matterhorn also offers the best priced airline tickets going to Switzerland plus other services such as car rentals to your chosen destination.

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