Fun Filled Zermatt Winter Activities

Zermatt is famous for its beautiful ski areas. The tourist’s peak season for this Swiss Alps resort village starts in the month of November and ends in February. During this season, most of Zermatt’s ski pistes are well covered in snow and is perfect for ski and snow boarding. Zermatt has different ski slopes for all types of skiers, from beginners, intermediate to advanced skiers. There are also lots of Zermatt ski schools and sports rentals shops that can help you as you go and brave the slopes of the Matterhorn and other ski areas.

Besides Zermatt skiing, there are also lots of fun filled outdoor activities that you and your family can enjoy when in Zermatt. Here are 3 of the must things to do in Zermatt during winter.

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing is one of the most popular extreme sport activities in Zermatt. By climbing steep rock walls and narrow crevices, adventurers can be treated with wonderful views of frozen waterfalls, fascinating ice formations and other natural wonders. This extreme sport is not for everybody. If you want to try out this sport, you must at least be of good physical condition, no fear of heights, and has some experience in rock climbing and mountaineering. Popular sites for ice climbing are Furi and Findelbach.


Tobogganing or sledging is best alternatives for skiing. They are very popular with the local kids wherein they call the sport “UZ the Red Horse”. The Rotenboden slopes are the best slopes for tobogganing. Each toboggan run in this area can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. There are also lots of toboggan slopes scattered around the village. Many Zermatt sport shops and hotels rent toboggan for a minimal fee. Just remember that you are not allowed to run your toboggan in ski pistes. Kindly ask around or look for signs if you are allowed to do tobogganing in a certain area.

Snow Shoe Hiking

For those who want to hike and see different areas in and around Zermatt and in the Matterhorn, you can try out Snow Shoe Hiking. Snow shoes are snow equipment that allows people to walk in snow without the risk of sinking or putting much effort. Zermatt offers five marked snow shoe trails that can take you to different ski pistes and other wonderful winter landscapes. There are also a lot of Zermatt shops that rents modern snow shoes that are very lightweight, these shops can also provide guides for group tour packages.

Discover more and more activities to fully enjoy your Swiss Alps vacation in the vicinity of the Matterhorn by visiting our site and reading our latest updates and Zermatt vacation tips.


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