Christmas Holiday in Zermatt

If you want to experience Christmas surrounded by the splendor of the Swiss Alps, then take your holiday vacation to Zermatt. Zermatt is everybody’s dream come true for a real life White Christmas. This is probably one of the few places in the world where you can experience Christmas in a traditional village, no intense traffic, great food, and most of all lots of snow for skiing and building snowmen and snow balls for snow fights.

Zermatt is almost a 100% car free village at the base of the Matterhorn. There are electric cars that are allowed in the village but they are only a few. And as such you will be truly be delighted to see dozens of old fashioned horse drawn carriages as they passes through the snow filled streets of Zermatt.

You could also go around town and be struck with wonder with the old structures adorned with traditional Swiss Christmas decorations as well as Zermatt hotels and shops brightly lighted by colorful Christmas lights.

Spending Christmas in Zermatt is truly a dream Swiss Alps vacation. For one, many local and foreign celebrities and sports icons travel here to have some peace and quite at the same time have a grand time skiing in one of Zermatt’s famous ski pistes. Secondly, December is the high season for tourists, thus most of the famous Zermatt hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars are open even on Christmas and New Year.

For ski enthusiasts, Christmas time is the best time to go to Zermatt. Most ski areas in Zermatt are open in December and they are in their peak conditions thanks to the cold weather and regular snow fall. For non skiers, you can even rent a sleigh and ride your way down on Zermatt’s snow covered paths.

Aside from skiing, you can take your kids for a day full of fun in Zermatt’s 2 natural ice skating rink. There is one artificial rink you could also check especially if the crowd goes too large in the previous two.

For those who have enough snow for a day, you can either go swimming in one of Zermatt’s 12 indoor swimming pools or have a nice billiards competition with friends and families.

Dining will never be a problem for there are over 100 restaurants in Zermatt that are open even on Christmas Eve. You can even celebrate your Christmas parties in one of Zermatt’s bars and nightclubs in your Zermatt Hotel.

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