Explore Amazing Zermatt Ski Areas

Zermatt is one of Switzerland’s top ski destinations. The village is popular because of it’s location at the base of the Matterhorn and its excellent ski conditions the whole year round. Zermatt has miles and miles of snow covered slopes to cater to all kinds of skiers from beginners, intermediate, advanced, and even those extreme skiers who like rough terrain or the thrill of speed.

There are 3 major areas in Zermatt that could provide you with the most unforgettable Zermatt ski experience.

Blauherd or Rothorn

This ski area in Zermatt has ski pistes for everybody. It has slopes for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers. It even has a tree skiing area in the lower part of the mountain. And after a day of Zermatt skiing, you don’t need to go far, for there are lots of gourmet restaurants that you can try out such as the famous Findeln.

The Blauherd/Rothorn ski area is accessible via Sunnega, another popular ski destination with lots of ski schools to teach tourists the basics of Zermatt skiing.


This Zermatt ski area is best for intermediate snow sports enthusiasts. The west portion of the mountain provides a smooth slope great for leisurely skiing while the northern face of the mountain contains rough areas best for free riding and other extreme skiing.

The area of the Gornergrat can be reached by train. The Gornergrat also has an observatory where you can have a great view of the stunning valley below. There are also lots of Zermatt hotels and restaurants in Gornergrat.

From the Gornergrat, you can reach Stockhorn via cable car. This area is filled with high altitude free riding terrain to challenge most intermediate and advanced skiers.

Klein Matterhorn

The Klein Matterhorn is the most famous among Zermatt’s ski areas. It is also the largest ski area in the village. At the top of the Klein Matterhorn, you can see a complete view of the nearby villages and mountains such as Mont Blanc to the west.  The Klein Matterhorn is also the home of Zermatt’s famous Snow Park. At the lower portion of the Klein Matterhorn is the Schwarzsee, a location with excellent tree skiing slopes.

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