Zermatt Ski and Ski Rentals

The main reason why thousands of tourist flock to various Swiss Alps resorts is to ski. And if it’s ski you want, you should go to Zermatt in Switzerland.

Zermatt is located in a valley at the base of the famous Swiss Alps Mountain, the Matterhorn. Zermatt ski pistes and lanes can accommodate thousands of visitors, and most are open the whole year round. There are different Zermatt ski lanes for all ages and types of difficulty. There are also lots of expert ski instructors that can teach you and your kids the basics of skiing and snowboarding.

There are a lot of sports shops in Zermatt that sells different outdoor gears and ski equipments. They have top of the line brands and some locally made products. They carry anything from wind breakers, snow shoes, ski goggles, helmets for your kids and a lot more. You would not get a hard time looking for these sports shops for many are located in the center of the village or beside many of the famous Zermatt hotels.

But if you are on a budget and didn’t want to buy those sporting gears, or does not want to carry your own ski equipments all the way to Zermatt, consider renting the gears. Most of the sports stores in Zermatt offer rentals for equipments and other ski gears and they are affordable. Just look around Zermatt and you’ll find lots of rental stores carrying different ski and snowboarding gears. Some even gives out ski packages that include ski shoes, helmets, skis and ski poles. You can also check out the various Zermatt Hotels sporting shops for more options.

One of the most popular Zermatt sport shops is Julen Sports. This shop has an interesting history in skiing where some of the members of the Julen family are champion skiers in their own right. The old proprietor, Sen Martin Julen won the 1955 race in Wengen, while another Julen, participated in the World Cup and the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.

For those who want to take up snow boarding, the best shop to look for equipment and tutorials is AER Snowboard and Ski School. They provide private tutorials on the basics of Zermatt skiing and snowboarding.

The Flex Rent Shop on the other hand offers more services than most sporting goods store in Zermatt. Here they offer overnight drying of your snow shoes and other services. They also deliver your equipments for free in the stations of Sunnega and the Klein Matterhorn. The Flex Rent is also preferred by many customers because of their location. They have a store in Sunnegga and another one in the Klein Matterhorn.

Go to Zermatt now and experience the thrill of Zermatt skiing in the Matterhorn. Learn from professionals and hone your ski skills in the snow of Switzerland’s most famous Swiss Alps resort. It’s only in Zermatt where you can get to share the snow and ski runs with world renowned ski professionals and beginners alike.


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