Best Zermatt Restaurants

Your Swiss Alps vacation in not complete if you didn’t come to Zermatt. The Swiss Alps mountain resort of Zermatt is in the base of the Matterhorn and is famous for skiing and fine hotels. Zermatt is also known to be a food haven, for it has dozens of restaurants specializing in local and foreign cuisine. Even the famous Zermatt hotels have their own restaurants that are always ready to serve their guests.

The cuisine in Zermatt is very dynamic, thanks to the fact that it is a town in Switzerland but lies near the border of Italy.

There are also specialty Zermatt restaurants that serve traditional Swiss delicacies, as well as Italian and German dishes. Due to the influx of tourists, some restaurants has developed special menu for vegetarian and Asian guests.

When in Zermatt it is best to savor the local Swiss delicacies. The best way to eat the local delicacies is by having a Fondue or Raclette dinner.  A raclette is done by slicing a chunk from one big wheel of cheese and putting it in a boiler. Once melted, they place the cheese in a plate and serve it with potatoes, pickles and onions. You can use the melted cheese as dipping sauce for vegetables and meats, ala fondue style. Many Zermatt hotels and restaurants offer cheese fondue and raclette.

One of the best rated restaurants is Finderhof. This Swiss Alps restaurant is found in a small hamlet called Findeln near Zermatt. They have terraces that have amazing view of the Matterhorn. The restaurants specialty is meat and salmon carpaccio and their pasta dishes.

Chez Heini is the restaurant to be if you want to have a nice entertainment while you enjoy your dinner. They have excellent lamb dishes, made by their famous chefs.

For lunch, it is best go to Chez Vrony. They have beautiful terraces to view the Matterhorn. They also have some fresh seafood such as oysters that are hard to come by in a Swiss Alps mountain resort.

One of the best Zermatt hotel restaurants is the Restaurant Whymper Stube. This restaurant is located in the famous Zermatt hotel, the Monte Rosa Hotel. The restaurant has an old fashioned bar and serves one of the best Zermatt style fondues.

Cheese and steaks are a favorite among Zermatt tourists. But many restaurants do carry vegetarian dishes. Just look around the village or ask your waiters for their special vegetarian or vegan menu.


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