Zermatt, Switzerland – the perfect Swiss Alps ski resort

Swiss Alps ski resortAsk anyone in Europe, and possibly around the world, what is the number one ski resort in the Swiss Alps and they will tell you Zermatt.  Zermatt is a quaint village located at the foot of the great Matterhorn in the canton of Valais in the western portion of Switzerland.  It is near the Italian boarder (making it very easy to ski both the Italian and the Switzerland side of the Matterhorn).

Zermatt has everything that you would want in a Swiss Alps ski resort from world-class dining to luxury Zermatt hotels and all in a car-free alpine village as combustion engines are not permitted within the village.  Visitors can easily stroll the quaint cobble-stoned streets lined with boutique shops, cafés and entertainment venues that invite guests to browse, relax and enjoy the crisp, clean mountain air all within view of the majestic Matterhorn.  Zermatt is also known as a world-famous health resort with many spas and health center that offer a variety of treatments to relax and rejuvenate both the body and soul. Even though the village has much to offer, the true attraction of Zermatt is the opportunity to ski some of the most challenging slopes in all of Europe.

If one could ever get enough of skiing the elegant yet challenging slopes of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is surrounded by almost one-third of the 4,000-meter Alps mountains that provide a never-ending source of both piste and off-piste skiing opportunities.  Zermatt is the most convenient and the best developed Swiss Alps ski resort in Europe offering day and night skiing 365 days each year.  Because of the excellent climate in Zermatt, it is sunny 300 days a year, visitors and guests can enjoy skiing the steepest slopes in the world year round. During the winter months, skiers of all levels of experience can choose from 360km of pistes with unlimited skiing and snowboard between Italy and Switzerland.  During the summer, Zermatt Theodul Glacier has 21km of pistes open for skiers who prefer to vacation in Switzerland during the warmer summer months.

Zermatt is an all-inclusive Swiss Alps ski resort with fine dining, entertainment venues, excellent winter and summer sporting activities and a variety of beauty and wellness centers.  The hotels in Zermatt have world-class service that goes beyond expectations.  Visiting Zermatt is an experience that you will treasure and you will want to return as soon as you leave because Zermatt brings to reality your dreams of the perfect alpine ski village.

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