Why You Should Visit Zermatt Even if You Don’t Ski

ZermattZermatt means different things to different people.  For some, it’s a place to witness some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.  Others use the village as their base of operations while they’re trying to climb to the top of the Matterhorn.  Some see Zermatt as the perfect place for après-ski activities – the village somehow manages to be cosmopolitan and elegant yet quaint and charming at the same time.  Others, of course, see it as a place to enjoy some of the world’s best skiing.  The slopes range from beginner to ridiculously challenging and the ski season is the longest in the Alps. 

But really, why should you plan a vacation or holiday at a world-famous ski resort if you don’t ski, you’re not interested in trying it, or you didn’t like it the one time you did?

Maybe your husband or wife is a big-time ski buff and you’ve been hunting for the perfect surprise.  Or maybe your spouse has been dying to strap on some skis for the first time but never had just the right opportunity.  Maybe you’d even like to try it yourself – if you knew you could take some lessons from a first-rate pro.   No matter which scenario applies, Zermatt is the perfect solution.

What if you’re about to be married and you’ve been hunting for the perfect romantic honeymoon spot?  For that matter, what if you’ve been searching for the setting for the ceremony itself?  With the Matterhorn and all the other Alpine peaks around you, what could possibly be more romantic?

Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll be taking a family vacation and everyone else voted for skiing at Zermatt.  You’re just going along to keep the peace.  What now?

Go ahead and book your flight.  Next, book your accommodation at one of the many fine Zermatt hotels.  That part’s easy as pie.  After that, decide how you’d like to spend your time while the rest of your family is out skiing on the slopes.

You shouldn’t be down in the dumps about a trip to Zermatt if you’re not a skier.  Your family wants to enjoy a terrific ski vacation, but you’ll find plenty of other things to see and do while they’re on the trails.

How about a visit to the poignant Matterhorn Museum?  What about shopping at some of the places lining the village’s charming streets?   Or taking a ride on the scenic Gornergrat cog railway?  The Gornergrat is the top tourist destination in all of Switzerland, and it’s only a few miles away from Zermatt (Zermatt’s train station is the train’s starting point).  Near the summit is one of the top Zermatt hotels – the Gornergrat Kulm.  It’s the highest hotel in the Alps, and the views from its observation platform are nothing short of magnificent.

You never be bored at Zermatt, even if you’re not a skier.

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