Cultural differences to know when traveling in Switzerland

You are probably excited about your trip to Switzerland; however, you may be a little nervous too because you do not know what to expect.  When traveling overseas, it is common to feel a little stressed about the cultural differences that are bound to arise during your trip. Switzerland is a common European tourist destination; therefore, many of the ski resorts are set up to accommodate the needs of foreign travelers.  To help you feel more at ease, here are a few tips about some of the most common cultural differences that you may encounter when traveling in Switzerland.

  • Most Swiss citizens keep to themselves and would think it rude to ask a stranger personal questions.  They may be quite and private but they are always willing to help when asked a question.  Never be timid about asking someone for directions or advice – – they may not be willing to discuss their private lives with strangers but they are always willing to help when needed.
  • Shaking hands is a common way to greet people, even friends and family.  They also great each other with their last names until given permission to be on a first name basis.
  • When going out for any reason, even to run a quick errand, proper attire is always required.  The Swiss do not run out in their pajama bottoms, as some Americans tend to do these days.
  • Smoking has been banned in most public places so before you lit up, check to make sure you are not breaking any local laws or ordinances prohibiting smoking in a public space.
  • Tipping is not expected as most service-orientated businesses (i.e. hotels, restaurants, taxis, etc.) add a service charge to the bill that covers the tip.  However, most locals tip for good service in addition to any service charge added to the bill.  The amount would be up to the individual.
  • Keep a little bit of change with you, especially in the train stations.  You can usually find a free public restroom; however, in some places you may need some change to use the restroom.

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