Movies filed in Switzerland

SwitzerlandIf you are traveling to Switzerland for a wonderful holiday, you may want to visit some of the fascinating and beautiful places used as the backdrops for some of Hollywood’s most famous films. Switzerland has been used as the backdrop for many films, either for the entire film or for certain scenes in a movie.  Come take a tour of famous Switzerland locations where some of your favorite movies were filmed.

  • Golden Eye – The opening scene in this James Bond movie is supposed to be in Russia as Bond plummets down the side of a concrete dam.  However, this spectacular landscape in this opening sequence was actually filmed in southern Switzerland at the Verzasca Dam.
  • Goldfinger – This is another great James Bond movie that was partially filmed in Switzerland.  This time we find 007 chasing Goldfinger’s Rolls Royce outside of the capital city of Berne through the Swiss Alps near Andermatt.  Even though viewers are focused on the cars, the backdrop of the Swiss Alps is breathtaking.
  • Revenge of the Sith – Star Wars Episode III – The Grindelwald mountains were the perfect setting to represent the snowy landscape on the planet of Alderaan in this Star Wars sequel.  The backdrop was perfect and fit the storyl ine of the movie wonderfully to help viewers feel as if they were really “seeing” Alderaan.  Alderaan became much more than a fictional place because of the Grindelwald Mountains.
  • The Informant – Matt Damon’s character, Mark Whitacre, is seen at the Limmatquai in Zurich.  To film him walking past City Hall, it took 50 technicians and 90 extras to make the scene look realistic.
  • Syriana – The Hotel President Wilson in downtown Geneva is the backdrop for a scene from this popular thriller about the power and corruption in the oil industry.
  • On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – This James Bond movie has many scenes filmed in Switzerland; however, there is one that stands out.  The allergy clinic of Blofeld on to of the Schilthorn Mountain peak is actually the Piz Gloria, a revolving restaurant, that was then under construction.  You can visit the restaurant.

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