What to pack for a Zermatt Switzerland hiking trip

Zermatt Switzerland is probably best known for its Matterhorn ski vacations; however, Zermatt weather during the summer is perfect for outdoor activities like hiking. Zermatt is the perfect location for a Swiss Alps hiking vacation for you and your family.  When planning a hiking vacation in Zermatt, the first thing to do is know what you need to pack to take with you.

The first thing you will need for a hiking adventure is a great backpack.  Consider being fitted for a backpack rather than just buying the first one that appeals to you.  Ill-fitted backpacks cause back, neck pain, and can eventually cause nerve damage.  Visit an outdoor sports store near you to have a salesperson properly fit you with the backpack that is best for your measurements.

Clothing is important when packing for a hiking trip.  Choose natural colored fabrics that are lightweight and will wick moisture away from your body while drying quickly.  Avoid heavy fabrics like denim or cotton and opt for quick-dry, synthetic fabrics from a sports store.  You should also plan for cool mornings and evenings by packing clothes that can be layered.  Pack a lightweight jacket and long-sleeved shirts that you can layer and remove as the temperature warms up throughout the day but put back on as the sun begins to set and temperatures go back down.  Just like the backpack, you should be fitted for hiking boots or hiking shoes.  You will need a hose that is durable and weather resistant to protect your feet and allow you to have the proper traction on trails.  You need to be fitted to make sure that the hiking boot gives you the proper support and helps prevent injuries.  Also invest in several pairs of good socks specifically designed for hiking.

You will also want to pack a small first aid kit, flash light, refillable water bottle, high-energy snacks and bug spray.  If you will be hiking in unfamiliar areas, you may want to consider a GPS tracking device designed for hikers in the event they become disoriented and lost on the trails.  One last thing, do not forget a camera to capture all of the great views you will have while hiking in the Swiss Alps.

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