Pack smart and light for your Zermatt Matterhorn vacation

Traveling overseas can be expensive; however, a Zermatt ski resort vacation is an experience that you will never forget.  One way to make your Swiss Alps vacation more affordable is to learn to pack your luggage correctly.  There are several advantages to packing light:

  • You save money on airline luggage charges
  • You can carry your own bag which is safer and you do not need to tip porters
  • Getting through the airport is much quicker and easier
  • It is easier to keep up with one bag if you need to change locations
  • You may limit your purchases because you do not have room to bring them home
  • It is easier on your back as you carry luggage to and from your destination and through airports and train depots

Learning to pack in only one suitcase can make your trip much more enjoyable and less costly; however, there are a few tricks and tips for packing light that you should keep in mind before trying to limit yourself to one piece of luggage.  The first thing you want to do is spread out everything that you want to pack and then cut it in half – – well maybe not half but definitely scrutinize every item asking yourself how much you will use it.  You may use it but the key is how much and is that worth lugging extra weight and paying for an extra piece of luggage just for that item.  Other tips for packing light are:

  • Take only enough toiletries for the time you will be on vacation. Instead of carrying the entire bottle of lotion, put some in a travel size container.
  • Use the hotel’s shampoo and conditioner if possible.
  • Do not pack thinking of the worst-case scenario.  In most places, you can purchase small items if needed such as toiletries, Band-Aids, pain medicine, etc. at the hotel gift shop or corner market.
  • Use your carryon item wisely.  Pack toiletries, underwear, makeup and other small items in your carryon luggage to save room for larger items in your suitcase.
  • Use packing cubes or airless bags to compress clothing before putting it in your suitcase.  Most work with a standard hair dryer, which is available in most hotel rooms.
  • Pack items that can be mixed and matched for several different outfits and shoes that go with everything rather than packing individual outfits and shoes for each day of the trip.
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