Souvenir Shopping in Zermatt

Zermatt in the base of the famous mountain the Matterhorn is one of the best Swiss Alps resorts to relax and unwind. Here you can see snow covered slopes perfect for Zermatt ski and snowboarding the whole year round.

Zermatt is also the home to some of the world’s finest and most traditional hotels. Zermatt hotels are known for their excellent service and wonderful views. Some of the popular hotels in Zermatt are the Grand Hotel Zermatterholf, the Matterhorn Focus Hotel and, Alex Boutique Hotel. Zermatt hotels provides guests with world class service and amenities that makes their guest wish that they could go back again to this traditional village in the Swiss Alps.

Not far from most Zermatt hotels is the main street of the village called Bahnhofstrasse or Station Street. Bahnhofstrasse runs from the train station in the north to the Church Square in the south. The street is filled with shops selling everything from clothes, sporting gear, food, jewelry and Zermatt souvenirs.

Most clothing stores in Zermatt sells European brands based on the latest trends. Some brands are exclusively sold in Europe and not found anywhere else in the world. For souvenirs, best sellers are silk ties and handkerchiefs with pictures of people skiing down the Matterhorn or a picture of the Matterhorn itself.

The jewelry shops are also a favorite stop over by those who want to have the finest Zermatt souvenirs. The Swiss makes the finest watches in the world, so it’s better to check out the jewelry stores in Zermatt for the best Swiss made watches. The Haute Horlogerie Schindler SA houses a large collection of fine watches while the Kristallgeheimnis is a shop that sells beautiful trinkets made from natural crystals and minerals.

Swiss chocolates are also a favorite among Zermatt visitors. You can find many Swiss chocolates in many of Zermatt’s bakeries and confectionary shops. Some of the finest Zermatt chocolates are sold in Biner, where the chocolates and other confectioneries come in luxurious gift boxes.

If you want to shop for authentic Zermatt handicrafts, you can visit Boutique zur Matze. They sell lots of wood carvings, masks, and traditional cuckoo clocks.

For those who can’t decide what to buy for souvenirs try going to Zermatter Swiss Souvenirs, where you can find many of the best and affordable Zermatt made products and souvenirs.

Best selling Zermatt souvenirs here are shirts, chocolates, wines and key chains. It is also best to grab some authentic Swiss pocket knives, especially if you’re going to do some outdoor activities.


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