Swiss Alps the Glacier Express

Ride in style and take a seat in the Glacier Express while on your way to a fabulous Swiss Alps Vacation in the village of Zermatt. Though there are some faster or more affordable train rides going to Zermatt, nothing can compare to the grandeur and elegance the Glacier Express. This train truly is at par with the rich tradition and class that is Zermatt. It is part of Zermatt experience itself just like spending romantic evenings in Zermatt hotels or going up for a Zermatt ski experience in the Klein Matterhorn.

The red and white trains of the Glacier Express are Switzerland’s most recognized trains. They connect two of Switzerland’s most popular mountain resorts, St Moritz and the car free village of Zermatt. The Glacier Express has a long tradition of servicing locals and tourist since the 1930’s.

The journey with the Glacier Express will open your eyes to the regal beauty of the Swiss Alps. It will let you experience and view lots of wonderful Swiss scenery and some surprises. It will pass 291 bridges and 91 tunnels using a track that spans 275 kilometers. The highest elevation of its track is 2033 meters. The journey is also slower so that you can feast your eyes on all the wonderful passing sceneries better and longer.

The average journey time for the Glacier Express to reach its destination is 7 hours and 30 minutes, thus came the name “world’s slowest express train”. The Glacier Express also passes along a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina landscapes. The train also passes 2 of the most beautiful Swiss Alps Mountains, the Piz Bernini in St. Moritz and the Matterhorn in Zermatt.

The Glacier Express has train rides to Zermatt to St Moritz and vice versa everyday of the year. It can have as much as 4 trains to serve tourist that are bound to Zermatt during the summer months. You can also order lunch and some drinks for refreshment while inside the train.

So if you want to go skiing in Zermatt, better go with tradition and buy a ticket in the Glacier Express. It would make your Swiss Alps vacation truly compete and memorable.

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