The Best of Zermatt Hotels and Swiss Alps Vacations

If the capital city of Switzerland, Geneva has its mystical Lake Geneva as its crowning glory, Zermatt in the Swiss Alps region has the majestic Matterhorn. Zermatt is one of the must visit places when touring Switzerland. It is located south of Geneva and is only 3 hours away by train to reach this old fashioned Swiss Alps resort village.

The village of Zermatt is founded at the base of the Matterhorn, probably the most recognizable peak among all the Swiss Alps mountains. The village is the best location to spend your Swiss Alps vacation. Zermatt ski pistes are available for all snow sport activities the whole year round. There is never a dull moment in Zermatt, where winter brings in the best snow for skiing, while summer opens up hidden trails going up the Matterhorn and many pine covered forests and beautiful lakes.

Aside from skiing, Zermatt is well known for its hotels and accommodations. There are more than 100 Zermatt hotels that can serve more than 12, 000 guests. Zermatt hotels can vary from the most luxurious and posh hotels, to the more conservative and more affordable chalets and Swiss apartments, to the very modern boutique inspired Zermatt hotels. There are a lot of choices for all kinds of tourist, from those who are spending their honeymoon, family trips or the adventurous backpackers. Some hotels even have modern amenities like bars, restaurants and sport facilities like golf courses and tennis courts.

Zermatt hotels and accommodations have one thing in common, excellent service. No matter where you stay in Zermatt, the locals and hotel staff will make sure that you receive the best service and would make sure that you would feel right at home the moment you step in their hotel and lodges. Some Zermatt hotels can also arrange free pick up from the train station to your hotel. To show that Zermatt hotels are the best in the service industry, many hotels allow pets inside their building or provide shelter to their guest’s pets during their stay.

Probably the most popular among Zermatt’s hotel is the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. This famous Zermatt hotel combines the elegance of Swiss hotels with the old tradition of the Zermatt locals. The Grand Hotel was built in 1879 and has 84 rooms and suites for those who are looking to spend a romantic vacation in Zermatt. The Grand Hotel Zermatterhof was also rated as a 5 star hotel by the Swiss government. Usually during summer, a horse drawn carriage awaits visitors and guests in the rail station of Tasch.

Another classic Zermatt hotel is Hotel Monte Rosa. This particular Zermatt hotel has a rich history that dates back as long as the 1850’s. It is famous for its classic interiors and antique furniture.

For those who want to spend their Swiss Alps vacation the more affordable way, there are a lot of motels and apartments located along Zermatt and nearby villages. Camping during the summer is also one of the best ways to experience nature in the Swiss Alps.

There are even Swiss Chalets that can accommodate a large group or the whole family. Some old chalets have been renovated to house modern amenities such as sauna baths and bar areas. Some of these chalets can be found at the Mountain Boutique Resort Cervo.

No matter your reasons for visiting the Swiss Alps be it to try out the famous Zermatt Ski or simply to gaze at the Matterhorn, there is always a Zermatt hotels and lodgings that will fit your budget so you can fully enjoy your Swiss Alps vacation.


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