Reasons to Vacation in Zermatt, Switzerland

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Switzerland is the skiing. This mountainous country is home to many things to do and places to visit, but the main draw in the city of Zermatt, Switzerland is the Matterhorn. This town, located right on the border of the Switzerland and Italy is home to much more than snow and ice.

1) The dining. Traditional Swiss food can be defined in many ways. The Alpenrose, a casual restaurant, serves everything from beef goulash to Rosti, which are seasoned hash browns that are a Swiss specialty. Other restaurants that shouldn’t be missed include Fluhalp, which offers fondue, chocolate cake and filet of lamb salad; StafelALP and their shepherd pasta, Matterhorn burgers and bison rib-eye; and Othmar’s Skihuette, which is only open for three months a year, although when it is, their Alaskan salmon dishes are not to be missed.

2) The things to do. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Take one of the trains to the top of the Matterhorn to see the Glacier Palace or the Mountaineers Cemetery. Seeing Theodul Pass, which separates Zermatt from its neighbor – Brueil-Cervinia, Italy, or stopping at the multi-building Matterhorn Museum are must-sees. There are roads in this part of the country, but they can only be traversed by electric cars, making the trains a necessity for anyone who wants to reach the top. The view from these high-tech trains makes the trip worthwhile.

3) The skiing. Of course you have to go skiing when you’re in Zermatt, Switzerland. That is kind of like stopping in Orlando and not seeing Disney World. Besides the infamous Matterhorn, you have your choice of several other peaks in the Alps and a whopping 150 different ski trails. Take a ski lift to the aforementioned Matterhorn area, the Gornergrat area (home to the Riffelburg and Rotenboden slopes, among others), or the Sunnegga-Rothorn area and its various slopes. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of slopes in the area for beginners, so brush up on your skills before your trip!

4)  The shopping. Eventually you will need a break all of the skiing, trip-taking and museum-wandering, so why not go shopping?  Head to the city center where you can purchase Swiss specialties like cuckoo clocks and chocolate, along with other Swiss-made items, including clothing, accessories and sporting goods. There are also antique shops and a number of other boutiques to shop at as well.

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