Experiencing Zermatt Through Its 2013 Events

Attending events in a place you are visiting is one of the best ways to experience the town or city itself, as well as the culture that defines it.  While anybody would expect extremely popular tourist destinations to host all sorts of events, most people do not expect someplace like Zermatt, that is specifically well-known for only winter travel, to offer the same.  Fortunately for you if you are planning to visit Zermatt, though, this assumption is actually quite false.  In fact, 2013 is full of events that take place in and around Zermatt, and considering some of them will take place recurrently you have a decent chance of catching one or more of the most exciting events.

Some of the best events to attend are those that focus on the culture and history of the area, and there are plenty of this specific type of event.  To be sure, you can find plenty of both throughout the town, even when you are not attending an event, but such events offer a very unique opportunity to develop your own perspective of Zermatt history and culture.  And since those that are offered on a regular basis throughout the year are the ones that will be easiest to plan your trip around, it is the best of these that you will want to be sure that you are informed about before booking your Zermatt vacation.

Great Zermatt Events in 2013

Although there are plenty of wonderful annual events that take place in Zermatt each year, when it comes to planning a vacation it is much easier to plan around events that are held multiple times throughout the year.  Many of these events are just as exciting as the larger annual events, and tend to be much more affordable as well.  And those individuals staying in Zermatt for more than a weekend may even have the opportunity to fill their stay with multiple events, since most of them tend to be held on the same day each week.  Because of this, many of them are worked around each other so that only one major event is offered on a given day, and there is usually something different offered each day.  Some of the most enjoyed include the following:

  • Zermatt Village Tour – Zermatt is a beautiful village to walk around and sightsee, but you can enjoy the village even more with a guided tour.  These tours are offered every Tuesday through the middle of April.
  • In the Footsteps of Edward Whymper – For the history buffs visiting Zermatt this is the perfect option.  It consists of a guided tour of a historic hotel in the town, the Hotel Monte Rosa.  This tour is also available on Thursdays through April.
  • Igloo Village Late Night Fondue – The Igloo Village is one of Zermatt’s most unique sights to see, and in 2013 it will be even more unique.  Until April visitors will be able to enjoy live music and fondue late night style in the village, an experience of a lifetime for sure.

You will no doubt want to enjoy Zermatt’s regular activities and attractions, but these events will offer an even more special Zermatt experience.

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