Three Zermatt Restaurants Offering Authentic Swiss Cuisine

Most tourist destinations have a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, and in them are served a wide variety of culinary delights.  Any place as popular as Zermatt, then, no doubt has restaurants serving everything from the typical fast food hamburger to the authentic Italian meal.  But whenever you are visiting another country the best culinary opportunities lie in enjoying the local cuisine. 

Regardless of where you are from, you may have tried any number of Swiss specialties, but as with any other type of cuisine, it is often best served right in its very own country.  Fortunately, for the visitors in Zermatt there are numerous restaurants that offer the best in regards to Swiss specialties.  And if that’s not enough, many of the cheeses used in those restaurants are made with local cheeses made from one of the two dairies.  The authenticity of the dishes served in some of these restaurants really reaches that far.  And there are a few of these restaurants that offer both authentic Swiss cuisine, as well as an authentic Swiss experience.

  • Gitz-Gadi – The Alpine style of Gitz-Gadi is enough alone to make your dining experience feel authentically Swiss, but the food is something to be experienced as well.  The unique dishes you will find here are unlike any you will find elsewhere and include such culinary delights as air dried ham and bacon served with local cheeses, white wine soup with salmon, toasted cheese on bread with tomato and rösti, and cheese fondue with potatoes and bread cubes.
  • Adler Hitta – The view of the Matterhorn is enough to make an experience at Adler Hitta authentically Swiss, but there are many great culinary delights that will do the trick here as well.  The menu is not extensive, but it is definitely authentic and consists of a number of interesting dishes, including rösti served with tomatoes, ham, and melted cheese, rack of venison with mustard sauce, and various Swiss pasta dishes.
  • Restaurant Rothorn – Restaurant Rothorn offers some great views of the Rothorn summit, which will surely remind you of where you are, but the dishes will not let you forget that you are in Switzerland either.  The restaurant offers an extensive menu that includes such delights as veal sausage with onion sauce and rösti, rösti with smoked ham, tomatoes, cheese, and egg, and toasted bread with melted cheese.

While some of the Swiss dishes offered in these places are simple, they do consist of authentic Swiss flavors.

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