Two Great Reasons to Visit Zermatt During the Summer

No matter what time of the year you decide to visit Zermatt Switzerland you will surely find things to do, and you will no doubt enjoy your time there.  And while winter time is when many people travel to this wonderful Swiss ski resort village, the summer months actually have quite a lot to offer visitors too.  Surprisingly not nearly as many people visit during the summer, though, which is actually quite beneficial for those who do.

Not only is the weather a bit milder in Zermatt during the summer, but there is also fewer people in the town during this time, and the prices of certain things tend to be lower as well.  This allows for a much quieter, less expensive, and more relaxing Zermatt vacation.  And the best thing is, there are a few things that you can enjoy during the summer months that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy.  These two things alone can make your vacation in Zermatt that much more enjoyable, and memorable as well.

  • Gorner Gorge – Although the magnificent Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn are breathtaking views during the winter months, there are certain parts of the mountains that can only be enjoyed during the warmer seasons of the year.  Gorner Gorge is one of these areas, and it is a sight that once you see you will be glad you didn’t miss.  The gorge has been open for tours since the late 1800s, so the age of it alone makes it an intriguing sight to see, but the carved out rock that makes up the gorge are responsible for the real intrigue of the area.  Tours are given by guides, as the gorge is safer toured with someone who knows and understands it, but even though you cannot go off on your own it is a tour to be enjoyed.
  • Summer Skiing – Another amazing summer experience to be had in Zermatt that you technically cannot have during any other season is summer skiing.  Many Zermatt visitors do not realize that they have this opportunity during the summer months, but there is actually skiing available during this time.  It is an amazing experience to enjoy the warmth of summer down in the town right before skiing the Swiss Alps only moments later.

Zermatt offers excitement year round for sure, but summer offers experiences not available any other time of the year.

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