3 Reasons to Take Your Zermatt Vacation in the Spring

Many of the thousands of visitors that vacation in Zermatt Switzerland do so in the winter months, as the small Swiss village is most popular for its skiing and other winter sports adventure opportunities.  But there are many adventures to be had during other parts of the year in this wonderful little town as well.  It really does not matter which time of the year you visit Zermatt, you will find something exciting to occupy your time while you are there, and it will surely involve a uniqueness that is all Zermatt’s own.  Spring is a particularly enjoyable time of the year to visit Zermatt, though, for three main reasons.

  1. Great Weather for Winter Sports Enthusiasts – While the spring months tend to be considerably warmer than the winter months there is still plenty of snow to be enjoyed by winter sports enthusiasts as well.  Particularly high up in the mountains the snow sticks around well into spring, which is great for snowboarders and skiers who visit Zermatt.  And the warmer weather allows visitors to more comfortably enjoy some of the other things the town has to offer.
  2. Fewer Tourists Throughout the Town – Another great reason to visit Zermatt Switzerland during the springtime is the fact that there are significantly fewer tourists in the town.  Most of the winter sports lovers who visit the town do so in the winter months, which leaves the spring months wide open for those that like quieter vacation destinations.  Those that do visit during this time will find that they have more lifts open to them, more seats to choose from in the best restaurants, and more room to move around throughout the town in general.
  3. Lower Cost for Accommodations – Last but certainly not least, especially for the budget minded traveler, a great reason to visit Zermatt in the spring is the fact that your accommodations will cost much less than in winter.  This means travelling this time of year will allow you to get better Zermatt accommodations for less, so you can stay in a much nicer hotel than you may have had you traveled to Zermatt during the winter.

There is no doubt that Zermatt is a beautiful place to visit during the winter, but spring offers plenty of wonderful opportunity as well.  And there are plenty of good reasons to visit during this time of year.

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