Zermatt Igloo Village – A Special Kind of Experience

Zermatt is one of the most amazing places in the world to ski, due both to the unprecedented beauty of the Swiss Alps, as well as the presence of the magnificent mountain peak that is the Matterhorn.  And although the almighty Matterhorn may not be the highest mountain peak in the Swiss Alps that overlooks the town of Zermatt, it is the most memorable, which is why so many people visit Zermatt for more than just the skiing.  To be sure, skiing is many of the visitors’ priority here but there is another major attraction here that is unique to very few places in the world, Zermatt being one of them.

The Zermatt Igloo Village may not be the only village of its kind, but since it is located high up the mountain near the Matterhorn it is particularly special.  For whatever reason you may be visiting Zermatt, it will be to your advantage, and to your enjoyment, to visit this wonderful little village in the mountains.  And not only will you have the opportunity to tour the village but you can stay there too.

The Zermatt Igloo Village has a number of different accommodation options to choose from for those daring individuals who have no problem staying the night almost 3000 meters up in the air on a magnificent mountain.  There are accommodations for singles, couple, and even families.  And it may come as a surprise being that the Zermatt Igloo Village is where it is and is what it is, but there are even romantic accommodations available as well.  But accommodations are not all that this village has to offer.

Guests who stay at the Zermatt Igloo Village will be fully accommodated, just as they would be at a traditional village accommodation.  Meals will be served, drinks are to be had, and there is even a hot tub that guests can relax and unwind in.  And each of the places that you will visit to dine, to relax, and to drink and be merry at are all located within an igloo.  This makes for a truly unique experience and one that anybody will want to take advantage of if they have the opportunity to.

While in Zermatt you will no doubt want to make time for skiing, but a stay in the Zermatt Igloo Village is an experience not to be missed either.

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