A Romantic Getaway in Zermatt Switzerland

Often when people are planning a romantic getaway they automatically go for those island destinations with white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters, but there is another place that is just as romantic.  And although there are no white sand beaches there is definitely plenty of white as far as the eye can see.

Zermatt Switzerland is a beautiful ski town in Switzerland with plenty of opportunity for romance, both in and around the town.  The little Swiss village is known for its great skiing and its prime view of the Matterhorn, the tallest mountain within the Swiss Alps, but there is plenty more to enjoy in Zermatt Switzerland.  And there are a few things in particular that you can do to inspire romance during your stay there.

Spend Time Alone in the Natural Surroundings – For many people the beauty of the spectacular natural surroundings in Zermatt Switzerland are enough to inspire romance.  And there are many activities that can have you taking in the natural wonder that is this lovely town.  Pack a picnic basket and hike to a quiet area where you can be alone, take a long walk through the town at nighttime, or take a boat ride together around one of the beautiful nearby lakes.  All will inspire the romance that you are hoping for.

Dine in a Romantic Swiss Restaurant – The ambiance of Swiss restaurants in and of itself is romantic, so a trip to one of the many wonderful restaurants will be an experience to remember.  These kinds of restaurants are located both in the town of Zermatt as well as on the slopes, so wherever you are a romantic dinner is possible.  A few restaurants that offer this kind of ambiance include Findlerhof, Le Gitan, Restaurant Chez Vrony, and The Pipe.

Cozy Up in a Swiss Ski Lodge – Many of the Zermatt hotels are essentially Swiss ski lodges and they offer a type of romance all their own.  The cold winter nights make for the perfect opportunity to cozy up in a Zermatt ski lodge next to a nice, warm crackling fire with some soft music and a glass of wine.  There is not much that can be more romantic than that.

Seeing the Zermatt Matterhorn view is romantic enough but for a romantic getaway why not add a little extra romance.  Zermatt Switzerland gives you plenty of opportunities, and all you have to do is pack your bags and get here.

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  1. lovetotravel12 says:

    My husband and I took our honeymoon in Zermatt Switzerland because we love to ski but we found out we love cozying up in a Swiss ski lodge even more. Cuddling up in front of a fire in the Swiss Alps seems so much different than cuddling up in front of a fire anywhere else. This is truly one of the romantic places I have ever been. Many of the restaurants have a romantic ambiance, the view itself is romantic, and the people are so kind that even the town itself has an air of romance. We will definitely take another romantic vacation in Zermatt soon.

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