Exploring Zermatt and the Matterhorn With Kids

Although Zermatt is often seen as a romantic destination for couples and a great place for groups of skiers to go, it also a wonderful little town to bring children along as well.  Children can enjoy skiing in Zermatt, to be sure, and the can surely appreciate the view of the massive Matterhorn, but there are other, even more kid-friendly activities to be enjoyed in Zermatt too.  Both winter and summer provide for wonderful experiences for families.  Aside from choosing the perfect place to stay for families out of the many Zermatt Hotels, there is little you have to plan for to make your Zermatt Matterhorn vacation kid friendly and great.  And with a list of just a few kid-friendly places and things to do, you can get to Zermatt and get started on your adventures right away.  There are few places and activities specifically that your children will definitely enjoy.

Places to Visit and Activities

Visit a Local Dairy – When you think of Switzerland you can’t help but to think of cheese, but you would be surprised at how many cows you don’t see.  There are actually very few cows in the town of Zermatt, the couple handfuls of them being owned by only a handful of farmers.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t come here to learn how to make cheese.  Visiting one of these small farms is a great way to have your kids get to know Zermatt culture during their visit, and you will probably get to try some delicious cheese.

Climb Trees – That is, with the aid of a safety line of course.  One of the most exciting activities for kids is visiting the Forest Fun Park, where they can literally climb and swing through trees.  The safety lines make this a safe way to get back to the basics, in a place that is anything but.  The park includes 32 unique bridges and seven different zip lines that both kids and adults can traipse around on during those times when they are not busy skiing.

Go Ice Skating – What better activity to enjoy when you are not skiing than ice skating?  And best of all, this is one of the few activities you will find that is free.  You can ice skate with your family in the middle of Zermatt anytime you want in between skiing and doing all of your sightseeing.  The kids will love it and you will get the chance to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

To be sure, if you are taking your family to Zermatt your main focus will definitely be skiing.  But there is plenty else to do in Zermatt for families. If you enjoy a little bit of everything your family will truly be able to enjoy Zermatt for all that the wonderful Swiss village is worth.

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