Staying in Zermatt on Your Way to See the Matterhorn

There are a few different towns and villages that you can stay in on your way to see the Matterhorn, the highest mountain peak in all of the Alps, but Zermatt Switzerland offers a very unique experience.  The high peak can be seen from Zermatt so the number one amenity in the village is definitely the scenery, but there is much more to be offered to those that visit Zermatt aside from the scenery and world-class skiing.

For one thing, there are a number of great accommodations that offer great amenities.  You will have the option of choosing between your typical hotels, a more upscale establishment with upscale amenities, a private mountain cabin way up in the hills, or a cozy ski lodge equipped with all you need to keep warm on those cold winter nights.  It really doesn’t matter which type of accommodation you choose, what matters is that you enjoy Zermatt for all that it is worth while you are there.

No trip to Zermatt is complete without a good look at the Matterhorn, and what makes Zermatt so special is that you have a great view right from almost anywhere in town.  And if you make your way around the town you can get all different views of the Matterhorn, and why wouldn’t you, as the town itself has much to see and do?  You have the perfect opportunity to learn all about the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn, through seeing it and talking to the locals, but also through the museum dedicated to the Matterhorn and through a guided tour of the town.

These are two terrific activities to take up your time with when you are not hiking or skiing, and they accompany a Zermatt dining experience wonderfully.  There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Zermatt, and plenty of choices in types of food.  Whether you choose an establishment high in the mountains or in the town, though, you will want to be sure to try some sort of Swiss food, such as Rosti, homemade pasta, garlic soup, or cheese fondue.  Of course if you visit Zermatt when a festival is taking place this is something else you can do too.  And if you pair activities like these you will never forget your stay in Zermatt on your way to see the Matterhorn.

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