The Matterhorn – The One Thing in Switzerland That Everyone Wants to See

The Matterhorn is a mountain in the Swiss Alps. It is one of the world’s most beautiful sites and is also a major tourist attraction. The Matterhorn can be viewed from the town of Zermatt. This makes the town have more tourists.

The Matterhorn is one of the highest peaks and therefore people go there often for mountain climbing and skiing. The town of Zermatt, located just below the mountain, has many ski resorts that offer trips to the Matterhorn and provide mountain guides, should any tourist be trapped while skiing or climbing.

The town has become famous die to its association with the Matterhorn and this makes the town one of the major tourist destinations in Switzerland, Europe and the world. The Zermatt hotels are located near the Matterhorn, so as to enable them to get a proper view of the mountain and catch a glimpse of its beauty even from their rooms.

The Matterhorn can be climbed from the Zermatt town. The mountain is difficult to climb due to its glaciers, and in the history of the epic mountain ascends, there was a group of mountain climbers who met their untimely deaths when a glacier slid. The mountaineers had just completed their journey and had been successful, but on the way down some of the climbers slid and fell. Not all died, three of these climbers survived. The bodies of these climbers are buried at the Zermatt town. The mountain has proven to be difficult to climb until recently; with advanced equipment climbers can try to climb it. The mountain experiences large snow amounts, and there are specific times for ascending as well as descending.

The town of Zermatt has good climate, sometimes experiences some sunny moments, and the hotels take opportunity to make their guests feel the change of atmosphere. There are electric cables from lower spots of the Matterhorn to Zermatt. There are also trains and ski buses, which help the tourists to move around. The fresh mountain air is not compromised by pollution because the town does not have cars that run on petroleum. The cars found in this area are operated electrically.

There is a museum at the bottom of the mountain, in the Zermatt town that has all the history of the mountain and all the names of the people who tried to go for an expedition. It offers cultural knowledge about the place and the art that has been inspired by the Matterhorn is stored there for the tourists.

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