Summer Activities and Inspirations in Zermatt

Summer is the best time to head outdoor, smell the blooming flowers, gaze at the lively trees swaying with the wind. Summer is also the time to hit the road and discover new and exciting things. And the same is true in Zermatt every summer. Though skiing is the most popular sports attraction in Zermatt and winter is the peak season when tourists comes in droves, summer in the village has its own unique charm that entices visitors and tourists to continue to come and visit this famous resort village in the Swiss Alps during the summer months.

Summer in Zermatt will awaken the adventurer in you. Due to the unique location of Zermatt in the Alps, not only could you do summer skiing in the Matterhorn, you could also do so many things that otherwise would not be possible during the winter months. During summer many mountain trails open up, trails that leads to old villages, hidden lakes, wonderful meadows and other beautiful sceneries. Zermatt summer is the time when most of the wildflowers bloom, and mountain animals wander the forest floor for food. This is the best time to be closed to nature and reflect on the beauty of creation.

If you are looking for an extraordinary vacation, visiting Zermatt and the Matterhorn during summer is highly recommended. Summer accommodation is also not a problem because the more than 100 Zermatt hotels are ready to accommodate tourist all throughout the year no matter the season, and the best thing is that some hotels in Zermatt will even offer summer special rates. So why wait till winter when you can have a fabulous Swiss Alps summer vacation in Zermatt.

The village offers so many options for summer activities from the favorite Zermatt skiing to simple walks and hikes, to extreme sports like paragliding and climbing the peak of the Matterhorn.

The listing below is just the tip of the iceberg of the very diverse summer activities that you could do in Zermatt.

  • Zermatt Skiing

Zermatt skiing does not stop with the changing of the season because even during the summer months, snow in Zermatt is still good for skiing. There are almost 20 ski lanes open for tourist to engage in snow sports during the summer, and most of these ski slopes are located in the Klein Matterhorn.

  • Zermatt hiking

Summer in Zermatt opens up more than 400 kilometers of mountain trails that leads to wonderful finds in the heart of the Swiss Alps. There are more than 70 trails to choose from that will lead you to beautiful cabins, nature reserves, valleys  and even paths to the peak of the Matterhorn. Some paths such as in Randa and Tasch, could reach an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level, giving you a complete view of Zermatt and nearby villages.

  • Forest Fun Run

The Forest Fun Run is an enjoyable activity for the whole family. Here, you can walk tight ropes and wooden poles and navigate your self trough tree top to tree top. Children could swing from one tree to another while adventurous adults could try climbing tall Swiss Alps trees. Safety lines and other gears are provided for your protection. The facility also allows you to view the Matterhorn in a different angle, as well as the valley where the Glacier Express makes its run.

  • Mountaineering and Climbing

Mountain climbing in Zermatt varies from the basic to the more extreme. The Breithorn half traverse climb is probably the easiest way to do Alpine climbing. It offers mountain climbers a climb with an altitude of 4165 meters above sea level. It can be reached through the Matterhorn Glacier paradise after a two and half hour of glacier hike.

For those more daring and more experienced climbers, there are local guides that are willing to take you to the very peak of the Matterhorn. There are just some rules and regulations to follow such as spending a week or more in Zermatt for proper training and to familiarize your self with the Zermatt weather and terrain. A ratio of 1 guide per mountaineer is also necessary, for you need all the attention of your experienced guide for the trip.

This extreme adventure usually takes 4 hours to climb and reach the peak of the Matterhorn and another 4 hours to descend. A certificate will be given to you by your guide once you reach back your camp. Wouldn’t it be exciting to conquer the majestic Matterhorn, the pride of the Alps?!

Other popular climbs are the Rifelhorn, Pollux and Rimpfischorn. The best time to climb the Matterhorn is between the months of July to September.

  • Mountain Biking

There are several sporting shops in Zermatt that could rent you some of the equipments you need for an exciting summer adventure. Renting a mountain bike is recommended for those who want to cover more ground and discover the secrets of the Swiss Alps in a faster time compared to hiking. There are 6 mountain bike routes and over 100 kilometers of road to choose from, and they offer different degrees of difficulties. There are bike routes that are newbie friendly as well as there are extra challenging routes in case you favor an adrenaline pumping ride. Favorite among mountain bikers are the downhill ride in Sunnega. Another popular route is the Gornergrat-Monte Rosa- Bahnen route.

  • Dirt Scooter and Kick Bikes

For those who want to have a more relaxed and leisurely tour of the countryside, you may want to rent dirt scooters or kick bikes instead. Most dirt bike rental shops are found in the Sunnega area. Favorite among dirt scooters riders are going uphill via the cable car and racing downhill the slopes of Schwarzsee. The Schwarzsee is an ideal place to roam around via dirt scooter and kick bikes for you’ll pass and discover dense Alpine forests, beautiful Swiss chapels, and lots of gourmet restaurants.

  • Paragliding

Another activity that is fast becoming popular in Zermatt is paragliding. Paragliding allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the village. Staying in the air for almost 30 minutes will let you to discover fascinating things about the Swiss Alps like crystal clear lakes, lush Alpine forests, old villages and amazing wild life. This is truly a must try extreme sport in Zermatt and you can request from most Zermatt hotels to arrange the paragliding tour for you.

  • White Water Rafting

The roaring white water rivers in Zermatt will challenge even the most experienced paddlers. The most popular river ride is in Vispa, where the ride will take you to places untouched by the modern times. Marvel at beautiful mountains, ice walls and lush forest as you wrestle and navigate the river’s rapids and other challenges.

  • Fly Fishing

Another popular activity among water sports fans is fly fishing. Venture the Alpine lakes and try your luck in fly fishing. Fly fishing is popular in Switzerland and you will never have a hard time looking for a guide to take you on a secluded spot, where fly fishing is allowed.

  • Golf

Every world class resort needs to have a golf course. There is a 9-hole golf course in the Tasch and Randa region, just outside the vicinity of Zermatt. The golf course has lush greens and offers a great view of the Klein Matterhorn and Breithorn. Another popular golf course is in Gornergrat where golfers are challenged by the terrain with an altitude of 2500 to 2800 meters. Some parts of the course are covered by snow even in summer. An international event the Matterhorn Eagle Cup is held here every August attracting tourists and golfers alike.

  • Tennis

Many Zermatt hotels from the 1930’s have added tennis courts to their facilities due to the influx of British tourists who came looking for tennis courts to practice their backhand and serves while they take short breaks from trying to master Zermatt ski slopes. Today, there are many modern tennis courts around the village, and you could easily have a friendly game with other tourist in the Obere Matten sports arena. If you are a tennis player or a huge tennis fan, then you will enjoy visiting Zermatt on the month of July when the Raiffeisen Open Zermatt, an international tennis tournament is usually held.

When you want to take a break from all the awesome summer activities, you can head out to Bahnoftstrasse, Zermatt’s main street and check out the array of world class shops that offers chic and trendy clothes and accessories. You can also partake of sumptuous Swiss cuisine from the various restaurants in the area, and don’t forget about the delectable authentic Swiss chocolates that you can buy from the many specialty cafes in Zermatt.

The interesting and exciting summer activities above are just some of the things that can spice up your summer vacation in Zermatt. Once you arrive in Zermatt, you will undoubtedly discover more wonders of this Swiss Alps village.

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