Zermatt Hotels and Restaurants

Zermatt is one of the most popular ski resort towns in the Swiss Alps. The snow covered slopes of the Matterhorn and nearby Swiss mountains provide world class ski piste and snowboarding runs that are favored by both professional skiers and the regular tourists.

Being a world class Swiss Alps tourist destination, Zermatt has been transformed from a laid back mountain village to a bustling resort town especially during peak season. You can find more than a 100 Zermatt hotels that provide quality service and comfortable accommodations.

For those who want to indulge with some of the best money can buy, you can book your Zermatt hotel rooms from any of the resort town’s 5 star hotels. For budget friendly tourists and backpackers, there are available Zermatt hotels like the Swiss chalets and apartments that offer excellent service but easy on the pockets.

Zermatt is a car free village, thus, all the hotels here does not provide parking facilities for your car or car rental. Many Zermatt hotels can also provide accommodations for your pet, but be sure to make arrangements first with the staff before you travel. Free Wi-fi services are becoming popular in Zermatt hotels industry.

Dining in Zermatt is also a delight as the restaurants offer a variety of local, western and exotic cuisine to cater to every tourist’s taste. The Zermatt townsfolk also love cheese fondue, nuts and fresh fruits. Italian cooking is also well represented here, for you can find pasta dishes almost in every Zermatt restaurants.

For those who want American cooking and fast food like burgers and fries, you can check out the local Mc Donald’s branch near the town center. You can also find a number of Steak houses, Pizza parlors and Mexican inspired restaurants in and around Zermatt’s main street.

Asian cooking like Japanese style sushi, Chinese stir fry and spicy Thai dishes are also common in most Zermatt hotels and restaurant’s menu.

For fusion dishes, you can also try the small restaurant called the Pipe. This popular restaurant mix and match famous recipes and cooking styles from other countries to create mouth watering dishes.

If you want to have a grand time and spend your holidays on an affordable Zermatt vacation, just contact Zermatt Matterhorn. We have the cheapest airfare tickets going to and from Switzerland as well as the best deals for affordable accommodations in the best Zermatt hotels.


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