Zermatt Weather Information

Zermatt is a beautiful resort village in Switzerland. It is located at the base of the Matterhorn, the tallest mountain in the Swiss Alps, making it the best location for your Swiss Alps vacation. The charming village is also blessed with unparalleled beauty and wonderful weather all throughout the year which makes Zermatt an ideal place to be for ski lovers of all ages.

Average temperature in Zermatt is 3.5 degree Celsius or 38.3 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures can drop at an average low of -1.4 degree Celsius (29.5 degrees Fahrenheit) in the winter season, and an average high of 9.1 degrees Celsius (48.4 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer months. These temperatures make Zermatt the best place for snow and skiing in the whole of Europe.

Zermatt skiing is possible the whole year round, with the peak season starting in November and ends at the month of May, but thanks to Zermatt’s weather and high altitude, some Zermatt ski areas continuous to have wonderful snow even in the spring and summer months, no wonder Zermatt hotels are always in demand. Most mountain trails are also open during the summer, making hiking and mountaineering the favorite summer leisure activity in Zermatt.

The best time to go for Zermatt skiing is during the winter season. Most of the Zermatt ski areas are more than 10,000 feet high, making them the perfect ski locations for locals, tourists and athletes alike. The most popular Zermatt ski area is the Klein Matterhorn. The Klein Matterhorn has the highest and longest ski run in all of Zermatt with more than 8 kilometers of ski run and an altitude of 12, 500 feet.

When spring comes to Zermatt, snow does not suddenly disappear. Even in March, you can still find snow that is fit for skiing. In fact, Zermatt’s most advanced ski area, the Triftji, only starts to open in February, when it reaches the needed amount of snow to cover its slopes. Another advantage of skiing in spring is that the days are longer, thus most ski lifts are open 1 to 2 hours longer as compared to December or January.

In summer, tourists can hike mountain trails as well as do some mountain biking. The Gornergrat is the most visited site in Zermatt during summer. Found in Gornergrat are some of the finest Zermatt hotels and restaurants. The Gornergrat also delights visitors with a grand view of nearby communities as well as the majestic mountains of the Swiss Alps.

Please continue to check here in Zermatt Matterhorn for updated information on Zermatt weather especially if you are planning a Swiss Alps vacation in Zermatt, Switzerland.


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