What is there to do in Zermatt during the summer?

When you hear the word Zermatt, what do you think of? Amazing skiing and snowboarding trails that leave enthusiasts of the sports breathless once they reach the bottom? The legendary mountain of Matterhorn? Or perhaps you think of climbing to the top of the Matterhorn? There is much more to do in Zermatt than any of those activities. There is no shame in visiting a tourist area in the off season because Zermatt is as active in the summer as it is during the winter!

The Matterhorn is located at such a high altitude that it never stops snowing all year round. You can still partake in skiing and snowboarding during the summer months. Zermatt is one of the most visited areas in the Swiss Alps solely because of the skiing! You may find that there are less visitors during the summer, so the trails might be less crowded than usual. The less crowded the Matterhorn is, the more time you will spend on the trails and less time waiting in line to go up the ski lift.

Hiking during the summer at Zermatt is one of the most recommended activities to experience. Zermatt is located in an isolated area in the Swiss Alps, and people rave about the beautiful sights that can be seen. They are able to boast that 700 kilometers of trails are opened to the public. You can choose any of 70 trails to hike depending on what you want to see on your hike. You can even hike 3,000 meters up above sea level and get a view of the entire Zermatt area! There are day hikes and multiple day hikes that you can choose from depending on your comfort level when it comes to hiking. Keep in mind that it is cold at Zermatt year round so that camping over night outdoors is something that should be left to professionals.

Some more extreme people out there who are looking for an adrenaline rush can find their fix at Zermatt! From mountain biking to paragliding to white water rafting, there are plenty of activities to choose from. They offer over 100 kilometers of mountain biking trails, and plenty of hotels have professionals to take beginners out paragliding and white water rafting. With over one hundred hotels to choose from, you will most certainly find one that has the packages and professionals that you are looking for and at the prices that you are looking for.


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