On The Spotlight: Wonderful Stay in Zermatt

Zermatt and the Matterhorn have long been frequented by those who seek to be closed to nature’s pristine beauty. Being in the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is a place blessed with beautiful scenery and also has one of the most ski friendly weather in the entire world, and thanks to the local hospitality, Zermatt continuous to be a bustling Swiss Alps resort and ski haven.

You will enjoy Zermatt no matter what month you take your vacation. Because of the village high altitude and the wonderful Zermatt weather, skiing and snow boarding are possible the whole year round. Hiking, mountain biking and photography are also some popular activities of tourists. Some more daring visitors can even hire a guide and try their luck in conquering the Swiss Alps’ highest peak, the Matterhorn. That is why visiting Zermatt is a must do for those who wants to have a truly wonderful Swiss Alps vacation.

And there is no dearth of Zermatt lodging as hotels in Zermatt has an estimated 13,000 hotel rooms, all ready to serve tourists the whole year round. You can book in a first class Zermatt hotel or you may opt to rent a Chalet for a more unique Zermatt accommodation. If you are on a travel budget, you don’t have to worry because there are many Zermatt hotels that are also affordable. Search through our Zermatt hotels listing here in Zermatt Matterhorn to find the Zermatt accommodation that is perfect for your vacation.

Zermatt hotels has been serving local and foreign tourists for more than 100 years, some are family owned and more traditional but there are many modern hotels, some are even 5 star hotels with luxurious amenities and accommodations unique only to Zermatt. Be it in a first class Zermatt hotel or a simple Matterhorn hut, there are two things that are common in Zermatt lodgings and accommodations and those are good service and beautiful ambiance.

Peak season for Zermatt hotels is the month of December because of the many European holidays, not to mention Christmas and the New Year. Zermatt lodging is also in high demand during the Easter season. There are lots of night time activities and parties also happening during these seasons which keep locals and visitors busy.

Mid season for Zermatt skiing and Matterhorn hotels are from January to mid February. Summer months in Zermatt means tourists can hike and walk trails to go to various sites and explore more of the village as well as some parts of the Matterhorn.

Off peak season for Zermatt vacation and Zermatt skiing are the months of September to early November. Village life goes back to normal, but most Zermatt ski slopes are still open to the public. Tourist can get great discounts from various Zermatt hotels and Zermatt resorts when booking for these dates.

No matter if you choose to go to Zermatt during the peak season or off-peak season, it is still advisable to book your Zermatt hotels for a few days if not for a week because one or two days is not enough to truly experience the best of what Zermatt and the Matterhorn can offer.



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